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  1. 14 Team Standard Scoring - Won by 60 is semis and 40 in finals. Lost Prescott early and was able to ride Hebert until the finals and flipped to Hurts. QB - Prescott (ouch), Hebert (FA), Hurts (FA) RB - Cook, Montgomery, Gaskin (FA), Wilson Jr. (FA) WR - Hopkins, Evans, Lamb, Aiyuk (FA) TE - Goedert, Thomas (FA), Kittle (FA) K - Carlson DEF - Tampa, Miami (FA)
  2. I am going with Hurts over Hebert and I hope he has a top 5 finish this week. Your choice is a little tougher but would go with Hurts but both are good plays
  3. Right now I have Thomas but Haskins is QB so thinking about switching. I wish I would of played Kittle yesterday!
  4. Browns. This should be a low scoring game and Cleveland D will help pick up the loses in offense.
  5. Hunt and it is not even close in my opinion. Gibson may be done after the first series and Hunt should get a ton of work today with the WR situation.
  6. Dalton but not feeling great about that one. For some reason Hurts was available on waivers in my league so I picked him up and playing this week.
  7. I will keep Hill at all spots. He always has hamstring reported and always plays and has big games. Especially this week.
  8. I would pick Dobbins but it is very close. I expect good games out of both of them.
  9. I will stick with Hurts with Hebert WR/TE situation really bad this week. My opponent has Mahomes so I expect to lose points at QB and just want to stay close. I also had Wilson Jr and Evans go so we have a good start. I wish I would of played Gaskin, but no way I could of started him over Cook and Montgomery.
  10. I have Crowder on my team and would of played him if I didn't have Evans and Hopkins as my starters. Guess I should of benched Hopkins I think Crowder will have a safe floor but also has good upside.
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