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  1. He can't even jump. I'm not expecting high volume mins and stats from him.
  2. Really pissed me off.... Softest player I've ever seen. No really injury, no really timetable what a shame..
  3. This dude is 24 yo. What the hell is that? Soft.
  4. don't worry guys I dropped him, he'll be on fire next game :))
  5. Yahoo fantasy H2H points league. I received a offer Jrue Holiday for my Michael Porter Jr. , how do you projecting them? which is better for my playoffs?
  6. Will he lose starter minutes? Quickley seems dangerous for him.
  7. both will be ok. Lamelo is safer for minutes; haliburton has better game IQ imo. I would choose Lamelo for points league, go burton for 9cat
  8. I gave Wood+Deangelo for Anthony Davis, is this fair enough I win or lose this trade; or fair? AD's b2b games rest situation is really important for me, is there any clue for remaning of this season? Yahoo Points League
  9. No one expect from him this level usage this season. Really impressed.
  10. I don't remember anything about his load management; is there any reliable news about his B2B games; 2/2 DNP this season. Will it be continious or just for beginning of the season?
  11. I think he 'll be bounce back next week; it was not his shooting hand, I'm happy for his return earlier than estimated.
  12. Heads up , He is burning and won't stop. He is motivated than ever, i am feeling he will be really MVP contender this season.
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