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  1. Tough situation for Bertans. He doesnt get a lot of shots. Beal trying hard to get that scoring title and Westy has no clue how to set him up. Also Westbrook is now playing on back to backs so more usage for him and shots.
  2. Same as last game..1 point in the 2nd half. Today I think he got a fat 0 in the 2nd half
  3. Dude decides not to get a single stock after I stream him for stocks. Smh
  4. This dude really trying hard to be Jokic and piling them TOs. I dont really like this part of his game. He could be so much more valuable without those TOs. Also FT has been terrible. I feel like hes trying to do more than hes capable of
  5. I hope my tears now will turn to smiles when this is done 😭
  6. I dropped him and decided to stream his spot. Ive seen his highs and lows and the highs arent that really good to get excited about tbh. Im in the middle of the standings and Im just not happy with him anymore. I think this guy has potential to be really good but I dont think its this year yet. I could be wrong but I dont like playing fantasy when Im not enjoying. Best of luck to the managers who still has him.
  7. If youre sitting pretty atop your league or locked in for playoffs do yourself a favor and hold him. Hes still not there yet in terms of game shape and what were seeing now is his absolute floor. If he goes off during fantasy playoffs then it will turn out to be a nice investment. I dont think he can stay long in the waiver if he gets dropped. Other competitive managers know this guy can win you 3s every single week if he goes off. I can understand if you drop this guy and youre struggling. Im currently in the middle of the standings and already thinking of streaming his spot but im also only
  8. I never have to worry about this dude for a while now. Like even when he's having a bad 1st half then by the end of the game he's got me 20 with threes and some change. Such a stud right now
  9. ROY. Grats to the owners. You got some real value here
  10. I was so hyped for this guy...but cant drop him for scrubs in the wire
  11. Is this guy trying out for G league? Dude seems to want to end his career so fast. With all the opportunities hes given yet he's so trash
  12. Poor Jokic with the 50 bomb and still lose the game. MPJ gotta wake up
  13. Is anyone still holding in a 12 Teamer or less? I dropped him this week but still keeping a close eye in case but his last couple of games werent really that great
  14. Punt Fg and TO. Drafted him to carry my points 3s and free throw anchor. But now I win my FG, TOs, free throws unpredictable and I lost in points last week too and 3pts. My point is its kind of different than what I drafted him for but no doubt he gives u first round value. I kind of look for guys in the waiver that gives u assists now and efficiency and 3s since he kind of rarely gives u those 4 or 5 threes a night anymore
  15. I dont know if its just me but Im actually kind of rebuilding my team now to suit his game.
  16. I say this is typical Lamb as a previous season or season ago owner. You kind of cant expect what kind of stats he is going to have every night. But definitely cant expect him as 20 point guy everynight
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