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  1. YESSSSS FINALLY HIS TIME!! no fultz, his stats last year were amazing but with no pg, his assist go up as well! top 75 player for sure
  2. Lets go! Give us the news already! Hes had plenty rest
  3. He passes the eye test for fantasy, he seems like he can contribute in. 9 cat and will find ways to produce.
  4. yeah seems like they gave him green light to shoot....but didnt really take advantage of it, i really felt if he did well today, SVG would give him a lot longer leash and more min
  5. I think the only call out is Jarret wasn't competing for rebounds with DJ but Harden will. DJ with 30+ minutes is 10+ boards eitherway.
  6. Seems like I temporarily lost embid for a couple of games too now....what a crazy season so far of ppds and injuries
  7. I lost Nurk and T.Bryant so i'm banking on DJ to support me.
  8. DJ is a 12 man roster guy for sure. He may be old but no one on the WW will offer consistent double double potential with high fg % and 1-2 blocks. He has the track record to show his upside.
  9. Agreed. The silver lining with covid, it exposes all the diamonds in the roughs. He could be one of them.
  10. yep for 12 man, you keep him even with kemba, he may even more efficient with kemba but doesn't drop off much
  11. his 3pt/assit/and elite steals are worth it. for 12 man 9 cat league atleast
  12. I think he can carve a 6th man role with 20-25 minutes from today's showing.
  13. look at last yrs stats with kemba, pretty identical but less assist. Still pretty legit.
  14. you are but it should be 4 unless they miscalculated the earlier one
  15. Yeah I see no reason to play Hill unless their trying to prove he's still serviceable and try to fluff up his stats and trade him.
  16. why is he limited with minutes? whose minutes does he have to take from? Hill? Dort? Bazley? I actually dont mind him playing 6th man role but he needs more minutes!
  17. if he give 50% fg 70% ft with 10 pts 6 boards and 1 block on average, I'll be a happy man
  18. I forgot to mention it wouldn't be straight up, i never do straight up trades bro
  19. i would need to get a pf/c back, maybe Holmes thats like a mid-tier center.
  20. I have both lopez and wagner. Decided to play wagner today over lopez.
  21. Just to be clear, Thomas is an obvious drop right? Season ender with ACL? I don't like when blurbs say "likely" and stuff like that. Just say it.
  22. Yeah, if commish did that, thats collusion lol
  23. Its called risk reward and everyone in the league should understand the situation. You should not be protecting other owners.
  24. I just feel like Robin Lopez is the safest bet, he's proven to have solid numbers when given the minutes
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