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  1. As long as he’s efficient with threes and steals, im happy
  2. High usage but we’re asking for more minutes which would be nice
  3. After his performance from last game and getting the W, they should but since Ingles is coming back, minute distribution between the two is still a concern.
  4. i have both of them. they just need to play him more.
  5. I 100% agree...and again, I say, this thread is bringing me flashbacks of early Jokic thread last year (And Jokic was first rounder + his first months of games were worse). Literally same exact conversation. I have no doubt by end of season he's a top 30 player.
  6. yeah thats the big problem, i understand a slow start but im just asking for atleast 2 games in a row that are decent...
  7. I think him and sexton are the future backcourt for Cleveland. I traded for him with this expectation and top 75 seems realistic.
  8. 22 pts - 12 rbs- 6 assist - 2 steals - 3 blocks - 1 3pt 60%fg 80%
  9. he's getting more minutes and getting stocks in hist last game. Any thoughts on a trend upwards? If he starts increasing his fg%, he may be potentially a good starter on a roster.
  10. I see Teague taking a back-seat. They play better with Pritchard. I could see him taking a bigger role with the second unit or being full time 6th man.
  11. I see Ingles coming off the bench first and if hes the 6th man, hes getting shafted with minutes.
  12. Im watching closely how they rotate players. Seems like hes capped at 21-23min but if he stays consistent, i can see him being used as 6th man but it seems like Ingles is the guy but Ingles is slowly losing minutes
  13. He's not one dimensional. He's very efficient with % which is really important in a shooter and why is he ranked high right now. He's getting a decent amount rb and assist for his position as well as steals in LIMITED MINUTES.
  14. He had surgery for a sprain before? Is this typical? I wasnt concerned about this until you said “surgery”
  15. I’m surprised this guy hasn’t been noticed yet...I’ve been lowkey playing him and suprised with ROI especially with his low 20min. If they can get him to 25-30 range consistently, he’s a top 75 player. Ive been benching bogdanivic and playing clarkson over him
  16. I really hope this guy gets fueled by the fact enes kantar is taking his minutes and finishing games....I’m trying my best to be optimistic about this guy. Enes is just showing 100% effort and hes not out of shape. Nurkic needs to step it up.
  17. Nah, he’ll get a double double with 3-4 assist by end of game. I just need a block and steal form this guy and good dt%
  18. I have both tatum and brown. Tatum is good but i feel like Brown is the way better shooter (and would go him for final shot)
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