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  1. I though it was me. I watch games via stat tracker lol so i dont want to keep clicking refresh. edit* i download auto refresh chrome extension in the mean time lol
  2. Yeah good analysis. I do think the slow start from Dam doesn't help him too. Also, Mcollum seems to be balling out and not necessarily playing with Nurk well.
  3. Agreed. I'm actually happy about his early start, if he wasnt in foul trouble or limited minutes, he would have decent numbers. Give him some time. He will be top 50 by next month, you can quote me on that. Top 30 by end of year. I had Joker last year and im used to slow starts lol. *Edit ( i drafted him in the 3rd round in 12 team as FYI)
  4. I feel like with Gasol/Ibaka out, he should have more opportunity? Why is Nurse playing other players? Is he just not physically built for a traditional PF/C position? Can he play SF/PF like KD? haha
  5. I feel like Plantar Fasciitis caused him to work his other foot into overdrive and it caused the fracture. I feel like the silver lining is he will be able to heal both of them since i feel like the plantar fasciitis was a ticking time bomb.
  6. just give me this...almost there... need some stocks
  7. I still have hope, just give me a double double, good % and a block
  8. Yep. hes back in the game. i hate when people just say Sh*t like that without context.
  9. bro. you got to specific....where and how? source? *it seems like he got hit and may be being evaluated for a concussion.
  10. I think I misinterpreted someone...not sure who. I'm making the argument that Bam > Zion. I think he said he traded away Zion for Bam and now regrets it?
  11. Explain to me how that is an awful trade? Bam is a top tier center with great stocks. I have Zion and I would take that trade. Zion has potential to be great but as of now he’s a glorified Blake Griffin (stat-wise).
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