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  1. How'd I get a 1st round value of the ww to close out the season..
  2. These guys are all camped out in the Derrick White thread celebrating mediocrity, the real killer down the stretch is Bogdan
  3. Fair enough, roto managers will see it differently
  4. Yeah but if you grabbed Boucher early on, you got 50 games of 2nd round production out of him
  5. An efficient van fleet line is a thing of beauty..
  6. I traded the guy, still luv watching him play, was all geared up for tonight, buzzkill..
  7. Pop likes his player development genius reputation, so he overpaid an average player because he invested in him. They'll be dumping that contract soon
  8. Olynyk is the 3rd best player on this team , he's gonna get his.
  9. Can't believe the wild projections in this thread are still going. At some point fsntasy projections collide with actual talent and reality must be accepted. Aka this guy is just not that good
  10. No other offensive weapon can thrive playing with those 2 chuckers, hate watching them play, luv watching Norm n they're going to ruin him. Don't resign in Portland Norm
  11. The Rockets sound like they're keeping him, the chatter is media speculation based on nothing. I'm locking n setting Olynyk ROS
  12. Are you kidding me with these passes?! Stud!
  13. You're right, the ft% margin was too close to insert him, or so I thought. This is a vintage Andre Kirilenko line when he was a 1st rounder
  14. Traded him for Draymond, could have just kept him , since the blks are gonna be crazy
  15. Season is at the 2/3 rd mark, Derozan is still a Spur, what you see is what you get from White. Not worth the hype
  16. From rigid Miami to fast and furious Rockets, yet no hype. Am I missing something, today's biggest winner imo
  17. Where's the luv for Lopez? Boucher lite
  18. Up to his old tricks , now with efficiency and mature shot selection
  19. The Rotoworld blurbs that he's barely rosterable when Conley plays made me over look Ingles these past 2 months, wish I was playing him this whole time over bums like Bertans. I'm locking in him in ROS
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