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  1. A good guy for high efficiency builds , dropped Burks for O'Neale
  2. 1.6 3's and 2 blks is his floor , he's one of the few 36 per minute beasts who's numbers actually live up to the hype
  3. I think a surge in stocks is coming , he looks like a great 2 way player hitting his groove while becoming a more featured player
  4. Is Zeller going to ruin this guy? , just traded for him , have not tracked the situation closely, chasing blocks. 2pts, 23 minutes tonight
  5. Is all this speculation from the practice video? He could be weeks away from actually playing and treated with kid gloves thereafter. I don't see it this season for White
  6. Exactly, and with my build I couldn't chance it. I got PJ, blks seem ultra scarce this year.
  7. The counting stats will be great, but the usage will be so high that any prolonged shooting struggles will have an outsized impact. I traded him
  8. 2 3's and 2 blks was my dream scenario when I grabbed him as a FA. I'll take this , a free 1st rounder would have been nice too, oh well
  9. His floor is still efficient with 2 blks and 2 3's. I'm treating him like a 1st round pick, will start him even in 2 game weeks in weekly leagues.
  10. The eye test says sustainable. He's damn good now and much physically stronger than he was. He learned a lot from Kobe
  11. Siakams Tasmanian devil act is affecting Van Fleet
  12. He's one of the top 3 reasons Knicks are winning Amesbury, we'd be lost without him. You pump the brakes
  13. He has 5 times the skill level and shooting touch of an Amir or Keon. KP can't hold his post position against Fred van Fleet, what post game ? Boucher is a gazelle out there , the new Unicorn
  14. He's better than Siakam and current form KP
  15. This guy is hard to watch. Unskilled, wild , out of control and pretty much has the green light. His game needs to be taken apart and rebuilt
  16. The stocks have room to grow with this kid , he's very active. They over coached him, got in his head. He's playing freely again , improving by the minute
  17. The fg% will regress some (46%) but the opportunity here is massive , I think he'll pick up where he left off 18 4 4, 2.5 3's , 90% ft , 1 stl , .5 blk
  18. Cats have weak drafts and gripe at there high draft picks all season, you should have locked down blocks in the mid rounds if you didn't plan to punt
  19. Says the midget , Boucher is the prototypical hooper
  20. This forum put him on my radar last season , one look at his per minute and per 36's and it was obvious he was $ with the free agent departures
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