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  1. Rivers and Elfrid aren't guaranteed minutes by any stretch, burks will have the same role when he gets back
  2. As a Knicks fan , Obi isnt ready, there's no fantasy value here
  3. I was ready to bench him for Divincenzo anyways, even without the injury. Lonzo will have a nice close to the season if he's healthy
  4. He pounds the rock like he's LeBron out there , feels like 16 seconds out of every shot clock
  5. Fred is ready to go balls out and have a monster 25 ppg season. The problem is Siakam isn't half the player Tornoto thinks he is and his usage is way too high.
  6. Siakam isn't half the player he or Toronto thinks he is . His usage needs to go way down
  7. This thread is going off the rails, ww pickup of the year, case closed
  8. Forcing Siakam into a role he's not good in, coach hasn't solved that team puzzle yet
  9. Is he a percentages drain? Or can he straighten out?
  10. The stocks are looking legit now, ft% anchor in addition
  11. He'll be starting soon, the minutes argument is moot at this point
  12. Got stuck in an auction with out a solid 3rd guard , this guy has been solid af off the wire.
  13. I've watched 2 Jazz games. Clarkson has matured into an almost great player, very strong frame, almost didn't recognize him as the kid from the Lakers and Cavs
  14. He needs a bigger role on this team. Less Mitchell , more Clarkson
  15. I don't see his minutes going below 25mpg going forward
  16. Play Fred on ball and Lowry off ball, van fleet is a high scoring and efficient point guard
  17. Having a very strong 1st qtr, usage is increasing each game
  18. Maybe I'm a biased Knick fans , but he looks like one of the better guards in the Eastern Conference.
  19. Harden last year, now the 2 chuckers on Portland. Would love to see Covington on a team that plays the right way. Could be a championship piece
  20. This kid is slowly becoming a stat sheet stuffer, the minutes might be on the rise 3 3's, 2 stls, now with assists, rebs , and maybe .5 blks
  21. This is one of those cases, if you know hoops and watch 2 Portland games, it's pretty convincing this team is a disaster Dame and CJ are more selfish than I even remembered, this will not be the Covington of old, I sold for Nance early on
  22. The Knicks are jacking up 3s like nobody's business and running a slumping Reggie Bullock and RJ out there. The role is there if this guy can lace em up, not trusting him this week tho
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