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  1. I went Jokic in 1, Vuc in 2, chased blocks at the F (Boucher , Covington) n G slots (Lonzo, van fleet) Not punting any cats, well positioned to win my money league
  2. The surgery was in August, they had to be operating under the assumption that the toe would be impacted playing NBA basketball after all, a fukin stubbed toe isn't a surprise to anyone. This is very fishy, I see why Kawhi didn't trust these mfers
  3. Love will be re evaluated in 4 weeks, then contact practice, minutes restriction and reinjury. Nance will have taken off by then and the young, exciting Cavs will be in the playoff hunt. I see season long value here
  4. Traded Covington for Nance and feeling good about it.
  5. 9 of 9 from the ft line with his skillset means I'm never dropping this dude again, I'll eat the duds
  6. These boys are washed , and this team needs a real coach. Dray will be a drop candidate soon
  7. Why not. The fan base is calling him the best defender on the team, and he's an Uber athlete playing on a team 10th in pace.
  8. If the blocks are real, this is a breakout season based on chemistry with Lonzo.
  9. Anyone care to give projections starting in mid January going forward let's say, don't know much about this kid but need a guard.
  10. I hate watching this Blazer team , selfish shot jackers who play no D and expect Covington to do all the dirty work. I've never seen Dame or CJ dive after a loose ball.
  11. I hate owning guys I despise , but he was cheap and with Boucher's recent dud, I'm depending on drays .7 blks. I'll take the 9 , 7 and 7 and 55 games played
  12. He'll be back in a week. There's no reason he can't replicate those bubble numbers . Aldridge post ups are a thing of the past. He'll slot right into the new Spurs offense and pick up where he left off. Top 40
  13. I'm a Knicks fan who watches every game, Burk's role is guaranteed. Randle played 44 mins last night, Burks is the only other guy Thibs trust in that Option 1 role.
  14. Raptors might pull the plug , trade Lowry and stealth tank. That's what there fanbase wants actually. Boucher will get plenty of developmental minutes in that scenario. Very Strong Hold
  15. Nurse should find some pf minutes for Boucher if the center matchup is tough. Keep his confidence high.
  16. Sounds like whiny "experts" who can't take someone disagreeing with there expertise From experience, a few hasty drops have led me to the league winning piece , just by freeing up a roster spot
  17. You'll be the one dropping him this year. This Portland team is selfish , he won't get 3s in any sort of volume.
  18. Collin's dropoff was very predictable. The Hawks had a very active free agency that shifted this guy's value.
  19. Burks is a better player than Kennard, Bogdanovic and a couple other guys that hit paid. He's nice
  20. I don't mean Steph, but it's a nice high arching shot, never seen the kid brick one either
  21. The Raps also paid him, so they're definitely gonna play him. He looks like a gazelle out there and the stroke is pure. Doesn't hurt that OG and Siakam look like they're regressing, or definitely not improving
  22. Dropped. Rather stream Kyle Anderson for a few weeks, a young stud F will pop up by then. Was a great fantasy run RoCo
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