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  1. Where's the luv for Lopez? Boucher lite
  2. Up to his old tricks , now with efficiency and mature shot selection
  3. The Rotoworld blurbs that he's barely rosterable when Conley plays made me over look Ingles these past 2 months, wish I was playing him this whole time over bums like Bertans. I'm locking in him in ROS
  4. Derrick White isn't the guy to say I told you so about. Yeah, he might have a fine stretch run to the season, he's still not a very good player, just a terrible signing by the Spurs
  5. This loss to the Rockets pretty much guarantees the Raptors will blow team up.n trade Lowry
  6. This mfer keeps shooting even when he's ice cold
  7. what' your full projection of his statline, i could use 3 3's per game down the stretch
  8. Lakers still won't fully unleash this kid, that would be bad business $$
  9. It's really a question of talent, he's just not that good. Talent plus opportunity = success
  10. Delon Wright being back, plus Diallo in the mix is making life easier for Bey
  11. Has to be the worst contract for any player in the 1st year , what were the Spurs thinking?
  12. So the Raptors can win without Lowry and Kawhi, but can't win without Van Fleet.
  13. Bam is back and another great line , I'm a believer
  14. He is comfortable and settled in now, good to go rest of the way
  15. Im.treating this guy as a lock n load ROS , proven asset
  16. The Rockets GM who swiped this kid for a 2nd round pick is the real winner here. Cavs will regret it
  17. They can actually run offensive sets with Sato , some of it being he's just a bigger guard and can't be rushed. Coby White is a 6th man , not a point guard
  18. I don't trust this is real , I watched his whole fake limp live, if he wanted to hoop he'd be hooping, con man vibes
  19. He had 58/50/90 shooting splits in February, that's not doing much?
  20. Trolling is not admitting a guy played well, very nice line.. My $ is on Josh Richardson having a higher rank ROS
  21. Murray has got the yips, i mean, just some awful bricks tonight, the thrill has step in and fill the void, back to back big lines
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