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  1. This thread needs some cleaning up. What efficiency issues, the kids a great finisher, needs the 3s to drop a bit more but not a fg % drain at all. The turnovers aren't outta control and playing with better players will help
  2. 2 weeks of restrictions seems about right, barring absolutely zero setbacks
  3. Seems like he steadied his production
  4. this guy has no heart , stop with the excuses
  5. Recently engaged, gonna want to strut his stuff for the lady
  6. Very inefficienct without van vleet , 9 turnovers n 30 % fg isn't gonna cut it
  7. Gonna pick up right where he left off, very efficient
  8. Wright has long stretches of elite play this season. White has 1 good game and this thread. Go with the guy who's actually good n playing well, that would be Delon
  9. Saw this guy at top of forum, made the add, no time to research...
  10. Derrick White has a bigger contract than Julius Randle
  11. Some guys never live up to there intriguing metrics because in reality they're not good players. White is just not that good if you ever watch him play
  12. Atleast he got a turnover at the half , what a b*tch
  13. I don't foresee that at all , he's a multi positional player and playing the best ball of his career
  14. Bubble Derrick White is not happening, 70 % of that is best case scenario, and that's if he doesn't stub his toe again
  15. His usage went up. He's integral to what they do now , solidified his role while the team was going thru injuries. Here to stay
  16. And efficient point guard , excellent percentages, and 3s, safe ROS value , should be getting more luv..
  17. The injury plagued Nets are still a thing, this kid will have a few more good stretches
  18. Dig a little deeper, you can do better than those 3 guys
  19. They're going to baby the **** out of this dude
  20. More turnovers than points or blocks tonight, it happens
  21. He's very matchup based, next game might pop for 15 w 3 blks
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