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  1. Sh*t, you're right, I'm not Just seeing Raps have multiple positive tests
  2. If you picked up this guy and Poeltl within the last 2 weeks, you should win your league.
  3. It's contact tracing, not a positive test
  4. His free throw form is good , he'll only get better with reps. Some bad nights will be followed up by 6 in a row
  5. Had a weak draft and made some bad drops along the way too. Still cruising along in 1st with Jokic and a rag tag bunch of free agents. An All Time great fantasy season
  6. I luv the guy but I'm not punting ft's
  7. Kyle should gun for 50 one of these next 2 outings , shooting the ball extremely well
  8. It's just 2 games , could have been major outbreak. 🙏up for the Raptors
  9. Did I just stash Rudy Gobert for a monster 2nd half run?
  10. Needed 3's and ft % margin is razor thin , couldn't hold this stud. Best stream of the season. There's many teams Thad would be that final championship piece
  11. That Poeltl push shot reminds me of Quickley's floater, it's automatic!
  12. Inefficienct volume 3pt shooters are a dime a dozen
  13. Patty Mills, Duncan Robinson, Danny Green. 3s are easily stream able That said, I'm sticking with Bertans
  14. There are many paths for Nunn to have ROS value. Duncan's role being reduced , Dragic, Butler and Herro being in and out of the lineup as they have been. The Heat playing there best ball of the season with Nunn blowing up. Peak Derick White isn't as good as Nunn now
  15. Best ww pickup of the last few weeks, early round value. The one constant in the Heat's injury carousel. Strong hold ROS
  16. I'm rostering both , dropped PJ Washington and Bertans. Roster both if you can, gives your team an identity
  17. I wouldn't trade him for less than good value , a 25mpg role is very possible. The assists will dip
  18. It's looking like a 25 to 28 might starting role going forward. So, 7 n 8 with 2.5 blks about it?
  19. No defensive stats, you can do better than this bum. Marc Gasol?
  20. 1st thought when I saw he was playing was that I wish he wasn't. $80m wow
  21. Heating up , I sure could use a 3pt boost without wrecking my fg%
  22. I predicted career high efficiency from Lowry this year. Isn't Kyle Lowry at 47 fg% an early 2nd rounder?
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