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  1. 13 first half minutes, good sign The city of Boston hates this team, they need an infusion of this guy and a whole new style of play more suited to his strengths
  2. Father Time is chipping away at the big fella
  3. Gotta hold this guy right? I think he's very overrated on here
  4. Kyle is a gunner , he'll get his numbers, add the spacing Embid provides, being set up by Simmons, I don't see any dip wherever Kyle ends up actually. He's a mf'ing gamer
  5. 25 mins off the bench should be good for 14pts / 6 rebs, 2 assists, 2 3's , 1blk, 47fg% and 82ft%.
  6. An efficiency increase with current stats, 2nd rounder in Philly
  7. Big body got himself a nice little break and rehab, All Star break also approaching He'll miss b2bs fir a stretch, but he's gonna get his numbers
  8. Yeah, I wish Sunday against NO never happened, I could have streamed a good basketball player instead of this guy
  9. Nunn deserves a very long leash, would take a string of duds. There's not many guards playing at a higher level right now
  10. Spreading misinformation is not cool. Who are the mods on this forum?
  11. Tracking Fred, one thing to know, if the shooting starts our horrific, just know a stock explosion is coming soon. Signs of a fantasy superstar. Auction format, i make sure to nab him every year.
  12. Wasn't really playing time, he didn't play with any force, wasn't part of the action. Boban spooked him n Theis
  13. Just kinda going thru the motion out there, trying not to foul. Over coached
  14. Not only play him good minutes but let him handle the rock like van exel
  15. Injured and team is better without him , not good
  16. Herro's role should be reduced in favor of Nunn
  17. I hate bigs who kill your fg% , wonder if he's more or less efficient without Hayward?
  18. DNPCD for this guy is an insult, hopefully he leaves as a free agent and spreads his wings
  19. First time watching him play this season. Doesn't even look like an NBA player anymore . Every Laker he guards ragdolls him like he's a small child, he has zero strength . $80 mil wow
  20. By that logic , as soon as his minutes increase in the playoffs he'll get injured. They need to just let the kid play already with a little load management obviously
  21. He'll close the season strong, if not he's a b*tch
  22. Well he's flying off the wire today , whatever that means
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