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  1. By that logic , as soon as his minutes increase in the playoffs he'll get injured. They need to just let the kid play already with a little load management obviously
  2. He'll close the season strong, if not he's a b*tch
  3. Well he's flying off the wire today , whatever that means
  4. Bump Heat fans , what's the scoop on this situation currently?
  5. It's to the point where the Celtics season is on the line, his teammates are calling for increased opportunity and the coach is desperate. If not now , then when..
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nba.com/amp/celtics/news/sidebar/post-022121-as-role-expands-williams-continues-to-impress-with-impact-and-jaw-dropping-highlights
  7. Is Nunn a safe start next week? Dragic and Bradley out another week min right?
  8. Gonna run him out there in a 4 game week , Theis is comfortable at that 4 spot now, an impressive nationally televised game is a confidence boost for a young player.
  9. Why doesn't TJ add a spot up 3 to his game , he'd get himself a $50 mil deal and be a full-time starter
  10. 34 minutes, team is winning, 5 game week ahead. Gotta run him out there
  11. Actually Brook is only 1 blk per this season.. think I'm going to make the switch to this kid, there'll be some 5 blk games in the mix
  12. Are the Raptors going to do the questionable tag for 3 weeks straight like they did with OG
  13. Think they'll play next week, or contact tracing?
  14. Who tested positive? , when are the Spurs playing again, maybe no need to rest on b2bs for this guy now.
  15. The only stream I've had all season that didn't sh*t the bed. A dependable asset
  16. minimum of a week, probably 2 , guys do not play around with groin or Achilles injuries
  17. Alot of these weird scoring systems are so the women at the job can join in n since sh*t is so random , she'll have a shot. 9 cat or nothing
  18. Great stat set, but his unimpressive per 36 numbers is concerning. Guys like Isaac and Boucher , it was easy to see. Is Jaden just not active when he's on the court?
  19. Sweet line tonight 4 AST, 3 BK, 77.8 FGP, 14 PTS, ST, 2 TO, 8 TRB Theis is a must roster to me
  20. Kid had gotten his ft's at 90% this week , well on his way to an uber efficient season. Just bench him till after the All Start break, add TJ
  21. Nah, the Rooster is done, if Trae goes down and Rondo takes over, then yeah
  22. Not a good comparison, Fred is a pit bull, Dame was light in the cakes
  23. Lowry will be back in a couple games, maybe tonight. Still grab TJ tho, he's locked in
  24. Every thread has that one guy who is relentlessly attacking the player, so petty
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