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  1. It's playing with Trae, he's a ball dominant chucker who flops like a b*tch. Gallo can't get into a groove
  2. Safe assumption that he misses back to backs ROS?
  3. what's up with the Rooster , just an awful start , 4 game week coming up. is he trustworthy with the minutes increase?
  4. yeah, his minny averages were like 18 4 4 with elite %'s, also suited up for about 85% of games.
  5. Yes and his minessota stats are a reasonable expectation, with more 3's even
  6. Is it really just one more game out for Paul George?
  7. It's not injury I'm concerned about, it's impossible to establish rhythm playing with Trae Young.
  8. Cliché Knick jokes aside smh , it's fair to expect the efficiency to hit Minnesota levels , and who knows, maybe an assist spike with all the lob threats and finishers he'll be playing with. I'm certainly rolling the dice
  9. One of the worst contracts handed out last off season was to this bum
  10. When do we get these bubble numbers, maybe this is the week. Very unimpressive so far
  11. Trying to squeeze out as many fg pts as I can rostering van fleet, playing Lou would be an official tank, hard pass on Lou
  12. Do not listen to anyone not plugged into the Knicks on this player. He is unplayable right now. Delon Wright is the one n only pickup here
  13. Anyone following this situation closely wanna take a stab at ROS projections for Wright?
  14. Always been a steals guy, the assists are real , now it's looking like the blks are a thing too. Bulls need to give this guy a maintenance day soon tho.
  15. He looks awful out there, Nuggets are going to have to reduce his role
  16. If Lamelo sticks as a starter , I'm bullish on PJ'S rest of season outlook
  17. Stockton shot three pointers at a decent clip
  18. Went w McConnell then , he's just fiesty enough to throw in a half block per
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