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  1. This is discouraging , feels like a surprise 4 to 6 week announcement is coming
  2. It's just a toe man, watching White play, he's the type that grabs something every time he falls, kinda soft
  3. This guy needs to hit the ground running and make this his team. Don't be a p*ssy
  4. I luv him, but the minutes reduction looks permanent, a few blow-up games will occur, more duds tho
  5. Definitely sustainable, van vleet is a fire hydrant, his blocks are mostly based on strength advantage
  6. That's solid reasoning, I'm there too , but a Theis or Thad Young is tempting, guys who are producing now, a fantasy chip can be lost playing guys just cause they don't hurt you.
  7. He's a damn good player , I knew coach would want to mess around and incorporate the other bigs before realizing Theis was still the best option
  8. Huh, vanvleet has been top 25 all season. The fg is tough, yeah..but the .7 blks hasn't been mentioned yet.
  9. I don't get it, active, energetic guy, I thought he'd stumble into healthy stocks just cause. I went w derrick white instead, might regret it
  10. When do the training wheels come off? Watch some Immanuel Quickley highlights and play ball man
  11. Trending up , Theis has a higher ceiling than the average ww add.
  12. Well my argument may be too nuanced for some of you Yes, Porter Jr is a franchise level talent you can build an offense around. He also doesn't move well off the ball , doesn't hustle and isn't in the right spots many times. Boucher plays hard and sprints the court. A high level role player who can shoot would be a better fit w Jokic.
  13. Think I'm being quoted here. Yes, Boucher may be matchup based, but look at the production, forget fantasy, still an outstanding prospect. If you added Boucher to the Nuggets roster right now in place of porter Jr, they'd be a better team
  14. 4 game week , start Nance with confidence
  15. Chill out, if you're in roto know the Raptors are a proactive organization, boucher will be back, heck I'm not even benching him.
  16. Passed AK47 and Marion as my favorite fantasy players of All Time. What a joy it is to watch Jokic hoop. He's a basketball genius
  17. 2 3PT, 3 AST, 3 BK, 66.7 FGP, 6 PTS, ST, 7 TRB Vintage Roco line tonight
  18. Is inconsistency the name of the game with PJ? Or is there an upward trajectory similar to Deandre Hunter..
  19. Future All Star , Kawhi like in his quick progression from role player to Star
  20. A good guy for high efficiency builds , dropped Burks for O'Neale
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