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  1. Outside the top 160 the past 2 weeks. Should I try to sell? Not sure how things will look with JJJ back and his defensive stats are gone
  2. Hope he stays coming off the bench. He gets high usage and can rack up good stats vs second units.
  3. Must roster in 12T? seems like the new coach is unleashing him
  4. DId he get injured tonight? I have a buy low trade offer but not sure if I should take it
  5. Lmao at least he took 7 shots. At some point he has to regress to his career 40 ish fg %... right?
  6. Y'all think he can turn it around this season or nah?
  7. If plays well over the next month or so he could retain the starting job even when Mitch returns. We all know Thibodeau loves benching promising young players in favor of vets.
  8. It's one bad game lmao. There's a reason this thread is so short. He's one of those guys you put in your lineup and don't gotta worry about.
  9. He didn't get to play OT? Ah, I love watching the Pacers lose!
  10. only 8 mins in the first half for lamb? Looks like Im a bulls fan tonight
  11. how do you go from practicing to doubtful 2 days later
  12. Anyone know how long he could be streamed for? I'm in a weekly lineup and am wondering if he is stremable for this entire week. Not sure about the timeline on Bane/Melton
  13. Yep, and then talks about how he may not finish top 60. Whatever, haters gonna hate 🤷
  14. Inb4 josh lloyd says to " sell high" even though he's been putting up solid numbers all season
  15. Imagine when he regresses back to his 45% fg
  16. I'm still laughing. No one is dropping a budding player in a mini slump. We got diamond hands over here
  17. Yes, in fact today's game was exactly the season statline I was expecting but with lower rebounds
  18. Traded him and Bledsoe for Mitch Robinson a couple days ago. Kinda regret it. Congrats to everyone who held tho
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