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  1. Yeah for sure Nance especially with defensive numbers being heavily weighted.
  2. I think hold on, or counter offer a better trade for yourself.
  3. After seeing that you're punting assists, I'd pass. Both players you're getting get some of their value from assists.
  4. No I wouldn't do this. Losing your second best big and with Capela out it can cripple you. Long term, Fultz is interesting and if he can have a Most improved player year, then it would be worth it. I wouldnt take Bledsoe.
  5. Yeah it's good it's not someone outside the top 10 or a 2 for 1. Haha yeah Harden FT% will hide a few misses.
  6. Yeah looks good to me, Turner is a great big man to solidify blocks.
  7. Yeah sounds like a great trade for both. Especially since you already have such good big men.
  8. I think you win this trade. I would do it. Looking at your team though you may have some issues with AST.
  9. Looks like you have tons of guards so Hill might be the best one even though he's better than Anderson.
  10. I'd try buying low on Draymond which will help in a bunch of categories.
  11. I don't know, it's pretty close atm. But if that is your goal then Josh Richardson would be the guy. OG is another option but I'd rather have him then Richardson with the lack of blocks.
  12. How would you rate/analyse this team? Any suggestions of improvements, trade targets, pitfalls or mistakes? In a 12 team, 9 cat, H2H league. Won my first match 5-4. Had 11/13 players play (No Draymond or Kemba) Middle-end of week changes : Added Keldon, Bazley, Boucher, Cousins (1st waiver position) Dropped Haliburton, Miles Bridges, Dillon Brooks, Plumlee (dropped) Ranks: FG% - 8
  13. Anunoby has a bigger role so far and doesn't depend on scoring to contribute. Oubre may get more help to create once Draymond is back which should be in 2 games. I'd probably wait to see how he plays once there is more playmaking. I'd say Oubre will probably be better long term.
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