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  1. I don't think any of them is worth dropping over Whiteside, Walton doesn't seem to be giving him any minutes this year.
  2. Two weeks into the season I am starting to get an idea on what my team is capable of and so far it does not look good for me, I've never been very good in getting trades done as I've always relied on the draft and free agency, so any help on trade ideas would be appreciated and I'll try to help y'all in return PG: Coby White, Tyler Herro, Derrick Rose SG: Bradley Beal, Alec Burks (IR) SF: Brandon Ingram, W. Barton, Josh Jackson PF: Jayson Tatum, PJ Washington, Aaron Gordon 😄 Bam Adebayo, Enes Kanter, James Wiseman
  3. I would take it without hessitation, Luka is too elite to pass up
  4. That's what ive been wondering but yea I guess I'll hold him for a couple more weeks given his status as a prolific scorer.
  5. preciate it, im just trynna scour an already thin waiver wire, things just don't look great for lou, might pick up portis instead, hes been encouraging so far.
  6. I still don't know if lou will return to form but its only been a week. I would drop norm for lou dort in a heart beat tho.
  7. I wouldnt drop LMA, he has trade value look to leverage that for someone who needs blocks and rebounds at good percentages. I get spurs are rebuilding but LMA and Derozan are still primary scoring options in pop's offense.
  8. I would do this just because I see cj coming back down to earth and the front court is very crowded in detroit so no telling if jackson will put up consistent numbers. lavine will give identical numbers to cj but has more of an opportunity to blow up and with Ja injured for who knows how long, brooks' production will also increase.
  9. what do you guys think of picking up avery bradley and dropping lou williams? I get jimmy butler is out, but besides that im not really sure who else will be competing for minutes with him in miami. Also Ty lue seems to have some sort of agenda against lou williams, and I dont know how much I can wait for him. Just to give yall a good idea of what Im dealing with, here is my team. Garland Beal Ingram Tatum Adebayo Rose Aaron Gordon Wiseman Barton Anthony Edwards Lou Williams PJ Washington Burks
  10. what about avery bradley? he seems like he can provide decent value given his role in miami
  11. probably for most teams, for my team I really need the assists so I chose to keep garland. It was also a trade involved around tatum, so realllly did not want to do it.
  12. really solid team, your assists, points, 3 points,rebounds, steals, ft percentage will be top in the league prolly. Hold off on trades for the first two weeks honestly. And if you really need to trade someone, I would use turner, bazley, and barton as bait to get another pf or sf.
  13. I don't like rubio's role in minnesota. I would go with conley.If you need a pf/c. PJ Washington filling up the stat sheet with zeller gone and you might be able to get aaron gordon for low.
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