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  1. the cavs dont have a game till wednesday and by then garland and sexton should be back πŸ˜• If they happen to not be back then yea he will be a very good stream
  2. time to bust out some bars: not gonna lie pretty sure i'm better than this guy
  3. I would pick up miles bridges and brooks, miles bridges with the highest dd threat. If you want you can take a flier on jalen but he is high risk. Good luck!
  4. h2h pts league. In most cases I wouldnt consider giving DLo away but the wolves have an a** playoff schedule. Would Ja be worth it or should I aim for someone else?
  5. welp it was fun while it lasted😞 Traded for butler. I reccomend yall to consider trading away too. dude has a pretty high chance of missing quite a few games later on imo
  6. 😬😬😬 this one got me bloody scared
  7. oh man this is bad news. what do we do with kpj boys? is he still a strong hold in points?
  8. well **** my good luck did not work πŸ˜” its okay it happens not ur fault
  9. Dude went off for a couple games to secure a nice long contract and then headed out 🀣
  10. if this kid can realize that he did **** and pick it up the next game he might just be gold....
  11. yikes man. In that case then yeah drop kpj and stream the spot. Good luck dude!
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