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  1. This is what I'm worried about as well, Zeller looks like he will get his 30 mins and Borrego seems to prefer size at that position (as evidenced by the fact that Biyombo, someone who is completely out of the rotation now, started when Zeller was injured). They either go

    3 guard - Hayward - Zeller or

    3 guard - Hayward - PJ (most unlikely I think)

    LaMelo - Rozier/Devonte - Hayward - PJ - Zeller

    Pace/position will be the two factors that will impact PJ's ROS production the most and I'm looking forward to seeing how that looks like when they're all healthy.

  2. 2 hours ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

    Never owned him before this year. Is this stretch to open the season just random noise or is he slightly improved this year, by your estimation?


    He's definitely improved, specifically with his handling of double teams. He is grasping the right timing with when to pass and who to pass to out of them, triggering rotations and opening things up for the whole team. And if the other teams choose not to double because of all the shooters they have, well he's still one of the best post up scorers in the league so he will destroy you one on one. He's also developed a great two man game with Seth, lots of screen assists and handoffs.

    On the defensive side he's always been a really good interior defender, and that looks like it'll continue this year. He's got really good timing defending pick and roll and as a shot blocker. I'm looking at his historical block steal numbers and 1 stl 1.8 blocks per game doesn't seem like an unachievable average.

    Anecdotally he also looks like he's in great shape, slimmer than he has been in previous years. I haven't seen him play in previous seasons but he has looked very aggressive to me in the early going, really looking to attack the defense, get to the rim and draw fouls (his FTA are up by 1.1 so far). I'm not sure whether all this means that he plays over 60 games this year, but it also wouldn't surprise me either.

    One last point on the FG%, it's currently 52.8%, because he's shooting a career high FG% on shots between 3 - 10 feet and 16 - 3P range. Not sure that holds up so maybe 48% to 49% is a more realistic RoS estimate, but I could be wrong. It wouldn't surprise me to see him end up in the early second round range, even late first if that FG finishes above 50%.

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