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  1. Who’s laughing now? If you’re gonna continue to hold KJ, then please give me your details and let me play in your league next season.
  2. Yall ready to jump off or gonna continue laughing at me for trying to guide the blind? Keldon is talented no doubt, but Pop doesn’t see his worth just yet. Plus they’ve been winning of late, so I guess Pop is doing something right.
  3. Fair enough if you’re in a deep 14 team league, But do those who are still on the train actually watch Spurs games?
  4. No tougher than Embiid, Giannis, Bam and Gobert who he’s played in the last week. Actually think it’s a prime matchup for Cody, as he moves very well up and down the court, and Boogie looks like he’s wearing concrete shoes.
  5. I’m in a 10 team league points league. Keldon’s value decreases significantly with the return of White. He ain’t even getting played down the stretch anymore in tight games. Great player but he ain’t relevant no more.
  6. Pops lost faith. It’s been fun, but time to jump off.
  7. Anything lamelo can do, haliGOD can do better.
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