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  1. Freaking girl shoulder shooter. Put Sato back in the starting lineup.
  2. Bro, if you don't wanna play tonight just sit out. Guy has the worst body language in history when he's not engaged.
  3. The amount of chucking going on by Garland and Sexton is disgusting tonight. Literally going minutes without the ball moving and them shooting contested jumpers. Turned an early lead into a double digit deficit.
  4. Flynn is the anti Norm Powell. Plays like a** for 3 Qs then lights it up in the 4th. Turned into Steph Curry tonight in the last 2 minutes of the game.
  5. Oh no that's bad. non contact knee buckling. Will be extremely lucky if it's not an ACL.
  6. Straight fire. Porter getting more comfortable out there.
  7. Looks absolutely tiny out there, physically doesn't look ready to contribute yet. FG% is a downer but in a year or 2 might be something.
  8. Never drop. Once true tanking season comes dude is going to go ballistic.
  9. #BrokenDipo. Shoulda taken the 2 year deal HOU offered you.
  10. NAW experiment with the flat tonight. Next game expecting Bledsoe to sit also - interesting strategy by Van Gundy.
  11. The Lefty Black Hole is making the assists a problem right now. So many possessions where the ball doesn't even touch 2 guys.
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