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  1. Yeah probably he is super happy again after 2 days, you are right.
  2. No they won't. He is out because they had a memorial for his mother who passed away a year ago.
  3. So Ive been reading this thread with lots of fun the last couple of days... this guy telling us ‘have you been introduced to Tony Bradley yet’. Thanks for the introduction! Happy I didn’t listen 😂.
  4. But you knows he goes off tonight....
  5. Bye horford! 😁👌🏼 Al Horford will no longer be active for games for the Thunder this season, per @wojespn OKC will turn to its younger core in the nightly rotation
  6. Well, I would at least wait a week and see what happens... if you make the playoffs of course. Also another player can hurt your fg%, but if there is someone with a much higher value fp-wise free on your waivers, you should make the switch... but is there?
  7. Well I think it’s a bad decision to drop him. Especially right now... he did good in the games where he started, even when his fg% was not too good. For me he still had a higher value over de players available on waiver.
  8. For the exact same reason I hope Drummond goes to Boston... :p!
  9. Well for me in an 8t it was also a no brainer. Especially if horford gets traded... but even if not, he was sitting both ends of a b2b? And in which league is plumlee still available???
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