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  1. Blurb on Conley saying he might be out in b2b's for ROS. Is nbcsportsedge reliable for things like this?
  2. How tf is Paul George this bad??? I don't even remember a single time this season when he was good enough to sell high.
  3. Today's nba Today's nba fans/fantasy players.
  4. It is painful to watch Oladipo throw up brick after brick, miss layups, get blocked. Holy sh*t he is done.
  5. LeBrick killing all my %'s and TO on a Monday
  6. LeBron playing like he is 47 tonight.
  7. His bad games really stick out to me, and that game exactly one week ago was equally as bad. 9 points, 6 rebounds, no stocks, 3 TO, 3/11 shooting. Hawks have too many mouths to feed, wish he'd get traded.
  8. Does anybody get blocks anymore. I never seen a season where my blocks don't change for days at a time in h2h.
  9. 4-8 ft. Going to guarantee I lose ft %, went 8-15 a few games ago too.
  10. Only when I pick up Lou Williams can he go 1-3 ft (also no stocks, 0-4 three's) smdh Opponent has Brogden, who somehow goes for 23/15/5. Meanwhile, I have Drummond...
  11. Just watching Trae Young throw up brick after brick, get blocked, turn the ball over. Also watching John Collins barely touch the ball. Yet another great start to a h2h week.
  12. How did this same player have games of 33/23/3/2/2, 18/17/6blk/3stls, 26/24, 23/16/5stls,2blk, 25/22, 25/17, list goes on. And now, he had 4/6 the other night, following it up tonight (so far) 5 points and 1 rebound? They better be trading him, this is madness.
  13. Trae Young picked a Saturday to forget how tf to play basketball.
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