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  1. I’d honestly say Gallo. Too much mouths to feed on atl he’s getting lost in the sauce
  2. Anderson for sure not white , I’d get garland before he heats back up AsAp
  3. Sure as hell produced tonight.. if anyone else can input I will help in return post your threads I responded to All. Thanks for the help so far btw
  4. I don’t like hield this year at all. Yes it’s early and yes he will get out of the funk probably but idk something don’t feel right. I like OG tho. On the flip , Fournier produces well surprisingly and sga is a stud. Bertrans is just eh. I’d keep sga , the margin is small tho
  5. Not a keeper league, just worried harden production takes a huge hit
  6. Well yeah but that isn’t a guarantee. The original trade isn’t too bad for you actually. Murray does what Simmons does to a lesser degree and he adds 3s. Mikal is solid I have him and he’s been doing me well especially good shooting and low turnover. Keldon is still a good hold.. a little inconsistent but it’s still early, he’s shown signs of being able to product big. I’d honestly take the trade IF you can’t get anything better , deep league especially. Also if it’s like a 10/12 man league then maybe hold for a little longer. Put it this way you’re good either way if you take it or don’t
  7. Got this offer in my 12 team 9 cat h2h team: Ayton, J.Allen , Thesis Durant, Jaylen brown, PJ Washington, Mikal bridges, Keldon Johnson Harden, Lowry, Garland, Clarkson, Beasley WHIR 100%
  8. i got harden for embiid in this trade, do you think i won and if not who should i potentially flip him for my team; h2h 9 cat 12 team ayton, jarret allen, thesis durant, jaylen brown, mikal brirges, pj washington, keldon johsnon, harden, lowry, clarkson, garland, beasley, il; tj warren
  9. This is a buy low option for Murray. I’d say go for it , whiteside looks like he’s going nowhere and hield has been hurt by the arrival of Halliburton
  10. What about 2 good games ? 🤣 and sorry for late reply I had a lot of work today. Hopefully you started the better player
  11. honestly no, there is vultures in this league of mine. i was lucky to get clarks,beasly, garland and keldon off waives in the beginning. now its a ghost town there. i feel you about ayton for talent wise but jrue is having a solid year. youd definitely go ayton tho?
  12. thanks for the help in mine, and like the majority here says and i do agree, siakiam is definitely at his floor and can only really go up. his value is hurt by boucher but still he will produce more than sexton overall this year
  13. at the end of the day i think youd be happy either way; like the majority here though i do agree in keeping rj here. garland is a great choice, id monitor colby though over the next couple games and see how hes doing, i think thatll be your weakest spot in roster
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