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  1. Are you going to be my personal daily Chris Boucher Rotoworld update blurb? Not even double digit games played and a manchild be running around like it's the capitol
  2. So to summarize, people think they know better than Nick Nurse who is choosing to limit Boucher's minutes and giving Baynes and Alex Len playing time that Boucher is a unicorn player status that will finish in the same echelon of players such as Turner, KAT, and Wood (who besides Wood has demonstrated years of consistency and ability). Blocks are the one category that heavily inflate a player's rankings in fantasy basketball. It's like the stolen bases of fantasy baseball where people will rate Mondesi as a top 50 player because of how much his SB inflate his rankings. Also, 3s are one o
  3. Not taking sides here, but I don't recall in the last decade a player ever producing top 40 numbers throughout the whole season playing around 20 minutes a night. Are there people out there that legitimately think Boucher's going to keep up a top 40 value with his current minutes? I just don't see him keeping up his block rate with his current minutes. If you do think he will, what makes you guys think he's a unicorn of a player? Watching him play during an actual game, I didn't get any vibes of him being a top and elite rim protector.
  4. Oubre looks like he's lost confidence in himself. Pure speculation, but maybe he's disappointed in how he's being utilized on this team? If I recall correctly, on the Suns, he would either crash the board hard or immediately start running to get an outlet pass. Now it just looks like he stands around on the perimeter and simply fills his lane. The Suns gave him freedom to be a slasher which was where he would get his offense running. On the Warriors, he tends to just stand around at the 3 point line to give Curry spacing. I'd expect with Curry's gravity, there would be more open lanes and open
  5. I think top 70 is doable if he gets 24-26 minutes a game since he does contribute across the board and doesn't hurt you at all in any category. He's too important in organizing the offense to not be played and he's certainly redeemed his past two seasons. With how defensively incompetent Morris is and with Kawhi's load management, I can see a path towards occasional 30+ minute games. No one's trading for him so he has no particular value especially in keeper and dynasty, but he's been too productive to just drop and try to stream that slot when he'll most certainly be picked up by someone else
  6. He should've played in the bubble instead of sitting out when he was cleared to play. He's rusty as hell and with this weird preseason, he just needs time.
  7. I thought Embiid could play back to backs depending on his condition?
  8. He's the only player on this team that's capable of decently orchestrating an offense. I don't think minutes are going to be an issue for him moving forward, but the fact he's been straight a** the last two seasons, I'm kinda skeptical about whether or not he can keep this up. Lue does like his veterans though.
  9. How is a guy who's been the go to guy for blocks a "flyer blocks specialist?" Let alone the fact that he's basically been a top 50ish player for a couple seasons.
  10. Gotta be more patient with Oubre. Last year, he worked best on the floor when he had Rubio telling him where to go. Draymond needs to help Oubre figure out what he needs to do for this team.
  11. Might be an unpopular opinion, but Mitchell's been straight a** since Ricky Rubio left the team. Rubio brought out the best in Mitchell by forcing him to move off the ball and orchestrating his teammates where to go. Nowadays, it just seems like it's iso after iso after iso and the best shot he gets is a contested fadeaway.
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