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  1. Hello folks, For people who don't want to take a break and those that are way too early to the 2021 season. A discord has been created for the purposes of organizing mocks. Please join us here if you are interested: https://discord.gg/nzwhv4qtc9 Thank you!
  2. I will be pretty upset if I'm forced to take Dobbins in round 2 but will love to take him round 3. Talent is there but Ravens can't be trusted.
  3. Josh Jacobs looks great but I think will still be avoided similar to Mixon. Both of these players are on teams with not a ton of love. Their average games look bad when you take out the outliers which turns a lot of people off. People don't evaluate 1 week wins. I think Jacobs will win enough weeks to take on his own but unsure where I am willing to draft him.
  4. Henry seems like a pretty reasonable top 3 pick next year. He doesn't get the catches that a CMC or Dalvin get but Tannehill has looked great and Henry's just a monster.
  5. I think if Seattle keeps status quo I'll try to avoid Lockett. Maybe take him as a late round flyer if he's still there but seems like a trap for ADP.
  6. Depending on what happens in the off season I think Robinson will go 1st round. 7th-12th. He's not only talented but a well-liked player.
  7. I think Koo will bait a lot of people with all of the extra talk he's received. Kickers are still kickers and drafting before the last few rounds isn't great. I'd rather load up on backups or rookies before reaching on Koo.
  8. Gibson looked great but WFT has some problems. Mckissic also looks great and stealing the passes could be harmful.
  9. I think Monty will be a trap set in the second round if you really want him. He's a solid round 3 pick I think as he'll play vs. some weak DEF again most likely.
  10. Higgins will be a steal in the 6th or 7th if Burrow comes back in great form.
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