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  1. Malone probably gonna bench him for the second half like he did after that 30 point game where he won them the game.
  2. I can finally agree with you on something lmao. I bought low on him in 4 leagues and held tight. Have him in 6 leagues.
  3. This guy sucks! Cost his team the game with 2 stupid fouls.
  4. This is insane. I picked him up off of waivers in 2 leagues. Patience wins fantasy championships.
  5. oh thank god they're starting to make up games.
  6. Id only consider this if I was outside the playoffs.
  7. This week is a mess. I can't make any moves to get games played cause there's no one I wanna drop. At least I'm in the top of my league's. Ugh.. just when things were looking up.
  8. With the news with Blake Griffin is this a run don't walk type pickup?
  9. until the haters actually admit hes a good player and theyre just pissed they missed out.
  10. Too early to tell. He's still a hold in my book. He's just returned from a lengthy injury.
  11. If you look at the last 3 games without Aldridge in the lineup Keldon has struggled. So I think this has a lot to do with it. I'm only letting go of him in one league cause Covington is on the wire, but let's see what happens when Aldridge comes back. He's still starting and getting good minutes.
  12. So do we think he's finally put it together? His defense has been there all year and now his shot is starting to fall including the 3.
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