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  1. Poku is breaking out. 4th time in 5 games he's scored 19+ and he can get you stocks too
  2. I get what people are saying, but I have also seen flashes of greatness. There's a real chance he puts it all together down the stretch. I'm holding. Im near the top in my leagues (1st/2nd). He has potential to win you a championship. If theres anoher player on the wire with that upside I can see dropping. However there really isn't in any of my leagues. So I'll wait it out. I still think the best is yet to come.
  3. He'll continue to get his minutes. He is a solid defender. Can guard any position.
  4. I don't know who writes the blurbs for this site, but the reason McDaniels minutes were limited tonight was he was in fould trouble early into the second half. The blurb makes no mention of this. Do not panic drop.
  5. I think what you see is what you get. He has one of the better block rates for a forward.
  6. I just wish I had him in all my leagues. I managed in 5 of 8.
  7. Jonas compares him to Jonathan Isaac. I see a lot of RoCo in him. 3's and defensive stats although he doesnt have any STL or BLK tonight so far.
  8. I just dont get why they continue to play Wall. Get that knee looked after so you're ready for next year. You ain't going anywhere this year.
  9. KPJ took Harden to school on the offensive side. This guy is the real deal.
  10. I mean he's been mediocre to bad all season. He ranks 211th in avg stats on the season. He's now the 4th scoring option behind Jokic, MPJ and Murry. There's way too many players trending up on the waiver wire. I dropped for McDaniels.
  11. McDaniels, Diallo, Poku, are some guys that are on a lot of wires that have promising ROS
  12. dropped Gordon for McDaniels. I don't like AG's fantasy outlook the rest of the season and McDaniels is trending up.
  13. If this is all it is I'll take it. Im in 1st in the leagues I have him so I have 4 weeks before my league's semi's.
  14. Would you drop AG for McDaniels, Poku or Diallo? G- Doncic, Irving, Haliburton, Rozier F- MPJ, Collins, Anunoby, Oubre, ,KPJ, Nance, Gordon C- Time Lord, Moses Brown 9 CAT H2H
  15. I have the same feelings he def gives me RoCo vibes. A lot of people believe both NAW and Zubac remain starters even when the respective injured players come back. However with all that said I think Id rather Diallo and McDaniels over NAW and Zubac ROS.
  16. I didn't see it, but if you read the blurb no one really saw anything so it very well could be minor.
  17. AG who? Everyone worried AG would have a negative impact. I don't see it happening if anything it opens up shots for Porter.
  18. Imo the minutes are real. If you recall Minnesota said they were gonna shorten the rotation.
  19. I'm dropping him. This isn't the time of year for me to be patient with guys like Diallo, McDaniels etc on the wire who have nothing but opportunity to succeed.
  20. I jumped off the train a while ago. Def has the potential to make his way onto my team in the future, but I dont think itll be this year. He def made an impact for the first half of the season and helped me into the position Im in many leagues.
  21. He reminds me of RoCo a little bit. Shoots 3's and good stocks.
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