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  1. Joining the bandwagon and added Rubio and dropped Kemba...points league...
  2. his been waiving in our waiver wire. after this performance makes me feel stupid for holding unto Kemba. I wonder if he has a higher ROS compared to Kemba.
  3. Any one thinks he'll play in b2b in the 2nd half of the season?
  4. Keldon and White have been dropped. would love to get either but my fillers are DMC and Noel who may have some appeal short term. position wise leaning towards Keldon. interestingly since White's return it somehow impacted Keldon's minutes and output.
  5. Looks like I got it the other way around with this timetable of MitchTob.. but i doubt the 2-3 weeksq Wood will be back maybe the earliest is 4..injured the ankle twice
  6. Hopefully this will happen to me having kemba in my lineup.... though this trade will certainly be vetoed in our league right away...might even be called lowball.. but good for you though
  7. I traded him for Porzingis after the Allen trade... was anticipating this sort of time share as most fantasy news projected....maybe klove can help then open up the floor spacing wise
  8. The mins does not look good the past few games and Stan seems to like Hernangomez now. I dropped him for Noel, hopefully this wont hunt me.....
  9. You maybe right. Hopefully by then Klove will be back in good grace who is in my IR Spot. Dont want to activate Klove early on with the mins restriction and all.. maybe 2-4 weeks for Noel, maybe 6 weeks from DmC. Low end double2x plus a few blocks here and there if Noel gets 25-28 mins a game. Hopefully the knee will hold up.
  10. I scooped Cousins after Wood's Injury and now Noel. Hope both guys can solve my big man problem. 25-28 for both DmC and Noel i think will be enough for them to produce without their silly fouls
  11. Keep it up DMC.. could have been a lot better without those 2 silly reachin fouls. And looks like Hou is playing to purposely loss games with him not fiinishing
  12. Scoped him up.happy with the 1st game then the next 3 games happens...he doesn't play in the 4th anymore... maybe they are still managing the injury?ROS outlook anyone?RCOV is heating up in our waiver wire...
  13. I grabbed him on the 1st time wood got injured and then grabbed him again this 2nd wood injury. In the first time he seems to be much involved with 15-16 Attempts and very much active but not this time around. He seems like being outplayed now by Nwaba and House. Hope he'll grab this opportunity and show the league that he can still play for his own contract purposes. I admit the 1st 2 games were a disappointment compared to his 3 games during wood's 1st injury.
  14. I rushed to grab him after seeing the injury but had to drop the red hot Gary Trent J.r..
  15. Might regret dropping him for Steven Adams
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