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  1. If Bell got anymore than 4-5 touches I’d be shocked. Bell is beyond awful and he’s been this way for 2 years already. Darell and CEH can more than handle the load this weekend. Bell getting touches are simply wasted plays.
  2. This whole “run first” thing will only be effective based on the level of their competition. They play in arguably the toughest division in football and will be required the pass to keep up in a lot of these games. On a side note, Carroll needs to go though.
  3. 1200 rushing 200 receiving 12 TDs. I will stick with these previous predicted numbers. He lacks the huge upside as the other young RBs drafted in his range due to lack of passing game work.
  4. He will fit in any scheme. My concern would be a committee of some sort however.
  5. Robinson was a great story in 2020. The stars aligned and by default he rarely left the field. To think this will continue in 2021 is being extremely short sighted. I think his outstanding play this past season has earned him the majority of the touches but do not be the least bit surprised if he’s in involved in some sort of committee.
  6. Once again, if Dobbins received more passing attempts in the regular season he may have been in a more comfortable place to make these catches in a clutch spot.
  7. I think this was an anomaly. You can tell he is a good pass catcher by his body language. One could argue if he was actually targeted on a regular basis this wouldn’t be an issue either.
  8. He deserves it. 9ers instantly a super bowl fave with this move.
  9. JK Dobbins 2021 Pros - very run efficient/committed team which will allow for consistent weekly rushing totals and red zone opportunities. Cons - splitting carries with Lamar and Gus. Add to this the teams lack of creative check down and screen game. Conclusion - although the talent is there Dobbins will remain a mid RB2 with upside until something changes.
  10. This could be quite the addition for Herbert. Brace yourself, I actually like Herbert better as a passer than I do Josh Allen based on what I’ve seen so far. This could be very interesting. On a side note I was very surprised Buff/Draboll didn’t design many Josh shotgun draws last night.
  11. Agree mostly here. Lamar needs to take another step in his passing game badly. Not sure if it will happen.
  12. Is this a joke? Akers will be a 25 touch guy. Don’t forget Damien Williams is coming back too who seems to be a better fit for what KC wants to do. Akers 1.11 - 2.05 draft spot
  13. Montana in this conversation is an even bigger joke. Quite possibly the Most overrated QB ever.
  14. After all these negative pts I’ll throw out a positive spin on Dobbins. The Ravens are an extremely efficient rushing team. I don’t see him having a lot of 30 pt games but I don’t think there will be many 5-6 pt games either. my 2021 prediction 1200 rushing 200 receiving 12 TDs
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