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  1. He is not in Nurse's good graces right now but he has been down bad before and bounced back. Nurse could wake up tomorrow and decide to start Boucher, that's what makes dropping him super difficult and risky. With the way this season has gone, i don't think anyone would be surprised if he went back to producing early round value.
  2. Slowly but surely getting better and better. Hopefully he can have a strong end to the season.
  3. 1 steal, 1 block, and 1 rebound from a real 5x5.
  4. He's actually more of a center he just played PF on the heat because they didn't have many better options. Regardless, I don't think there is any chance he takes Tate's starting role because they are tanking and Olynyk will be gone after this season. He has zero effect on Tate.
  5. What does adding Olynyk have to do with Tate's outlook.
  6. I never said he wouldn't get traded just saying there could be reasons not to. I was mostly disagreeing with the notion that he would sit in back to backs and play 25 minutes per game if not traded. Is what it is though the pg position will be a dumpster fire ROS in Detroit.
  7. This dude could have his leg chopped off and he would still only miss two games.
  8. I don't think Horford will be traded because of his atrocious contract but even if he isn't he will be rested a lot of games. In the games Horford does play I think Moses picks up the majority of minutes to emphasize the youth movement and to hopefully lose a few more games. Outlook is looking pretty good ROS.
  9. He's a troll don't entertain him.
  10. Does anyone understand this post?? If basketball is a game where you want to win and not lose, why is the better player at the moment Thad Young not the better option? Edit: maybe he is agreeing with the post above, but the way he worded it sounds like he is disagreeing.
  11. It's his third season, at some point you have to earn your spot.
  12. I don't see how a change of scenery will make him a better player that's up to him. Many players would love to get the opportunity he has been given in Chicago. If he wants more minutes maybe he should earn them. Its not like he is stuck behind an all star level center, its Thaddeus Young in his 14th season.
  13. WCJ will likely never see a better opportunity than the one he has been given in Chicago. He was gifted the starting role from day 1 and he did nothing to show that he belonged there. Its not like the Bulls did him dirty in any way, he has been given every opportunity to thrive he just frankly hasn't been good.
  14. Probably not gonna be permanent because OG is yet to come back. They were starting a small ball lineup with Lowry, Fred, Norm, OG and Siakam before the covid outbreak and they will likely go back to that.
  15. I really don't think GM's are that stupid. Plus that would only aggravate players if they knew you trying to stop them from making more money. The theory really makes no sense whatsoever.
  16. Whats gotten into Red Velvet lately? Going under the radar but he's actually getting stocks this season. Show this man some love.
  17. Your are acting as if not capitalizing on trading Delon would set the franchise back years or something. They could just as easily try to resign him on a team friendly deal we just don't know. There is a possibility Delon as the player is worth more to them than Delon the trade piece.
  18. I don't think they are that committed to developing DSJ. He is on the last year of his deal and as has shown to be a terrible pro. I don't really think he is in their long term plans. Keeping Delon is smart because neither of the rookies are good enough to be primary ball handlers so they need a to play with another playmaker to help their development. If Delon somehow gets injured they might miss out on a second rounder or something but helping the development of their rookies could easily outweigh the benefit of an extra second rounder.
  19. Its likely because coming off the bench you don't have to worry about fouling out and you only have to worry about going all out in the minutes you have. You also often play against lesser talent. This is why per 36 numbers can be very misleading.
  20. 23.6 ppg, 3.2 threes, 3.7 reb, 2.5 ast, 1.3 stl, 53% fg, 90% ft, 2 to. That's what Norm has been averaging since Jan. 22, the day he was permanently (hopefully) added to the starting lineup. What a beast.
  21. He was ranked 133rd on a per game basis while coming off the bench and he has been ranked 35th not including tonight's game while starting, so I'm not sure how that is the same level of "usefulness". Might be a bit lower after tonight but he still got you 2 blocks. Edit: 47th while starting after tonight game.
  22. Questionable for Thursday. I think he reclaims his starting spot and should hold it for the season. A far as trades go I don't know if getting a second round pick would outweigh the benefits of just keeping Delon for now. Hayes will play minutes when he returns but he was probably the worst player in the NBA so I don't think he hurts Delon too much.
  23. Even further than it if he were to play 36 minutes with his current rates he would only average 0.7 threes and 1.9 blocks, so I find it very unlikely that he will put up the stat line that was mentioned. Given the fact the he is a net negative right now, I doubt he approaches even 30 MPG unless the goal is to lose games.
  24. We need to stop feeding trolls and get back to some actual logical discussion. MantisToboggan is a clown that serves no purpose other than to irritate and waste our time.
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