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  1. In line with the other OKC young guns, if you had to choose between Bazley or Poku who you got?
  2. From a recent article published to day... Adds for all leagues Malachi Flynn, Raptors (23% rostered) This might be the big one. Over the past four games, the 22-year-old rookie is averaging 13-6-5 with 3.5 (!) stocks (steals plus blocks) and 2.0 3s. That puts him inside the nine-category top-20 over the past week. If that can continue, even assuming the defense falls off a little, then Flynn is going to be one of the defining pickups of the season. So, will it continue? The worst news is that this surge is happening while Kyle Lowry (foot), Fred VanVleet (hip) and Rodney Hood
  3. What? It's one game of poor shooting. 3 threes, 8 assists, and 2 steals is drop city? You might want to hold off on that. He played 35 mins tonight and with every loss the raptors only have more incentive to play him. Just saying.
  4. I get the whole dependency/opportunity being tied to Lowry and FVV injuries, but is this kid worth it if he gets his shot down the stretch?
  5. Had his best game of the season last night. Played 25 mins. Khem Birch being waived. Does he become an upside flier now?
  6. As the guy who started the Moses thread I can tell you that he will not part the Atlantic ocean. But I did snatch up Gafford after his first game to make up for the loss of Mitch Rob. I think that's closer to his comparison, perhaps also similar to Richaun Holmes. I've always liked watching up play. Plays hard defensively and has the athleticism to be a rim runner and lob threat. I see the Wizards giving him a nice run to see what they have as they just traded for him, with Rolo and Len becoming less and less relevant because they are known commodities. I mean anytime someone can put up three
  7. Demarcus Cousins goes to a nearby high school, fouls on every offensive possession...looks good... I've had him on my team off and on this year. Bought the lottery ticket again but I'm not expecting too much and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Any interest with Rondo if he's running the show for the Clippers?
  9. Very much, yes. The beauty about Poku is that he's a 7 foot guard. He's listed as a pf in espn because of his size but he slides to every position on the floor. Pf, Sf, Sg, and even point guard was what he was slotted at today. No reason to think he couldn't hold down that sf slot in your proposed starting five. And once the thunder move on from Horford and any other trade pieces they send away he will for sure get minutes. Oh, and he's good too. Dropped Bertans for him and don't think I'm losing a step, not to mention gaining in every other category outside of 3's. I'll admit I was worr
  10. Potential door opening for Thybulle with the Embiid injury...
  11. 14 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks...Not too shabby. Curious to see what his minutes are when Bazley plays. Watching very closely next game.
  12. Liked what I saw, 8/12/1 in 19 minutes. But you were right about Poku being featured more. Something to monitor moving forward is if Poku is getting 30 every night now I'd probably take him first, but if Horford leaves then Brown is in the same exact featured role. Rotoworld blurb today that Muscala is basically gone/out of the picture to make room for both of these guys. I'm going to preemptively pick him up assuming that his minutes will go up from here. Bazley being out also seemed to float minutes more towards Poku. If the next game Horford sits and Bazley returns I could easily see this m
  13. Man, I was hoping others were as high on this guy as I was. I know there's mixed feeling on Rotoworld reports, but here's what Jonas Nader said about him on his Waiver Wired column... "Moses Brown (0%)- I’m going to throw one more name out here as a bonus. Brown has been doing some truly absurd things in the G League, averaging 18.5 points, 13.9 rebounds and 1.7 blocks in 26 minutes. A 7’2” center with a 245-pound frame, Moses is going to be a sneaky stash at the deadline if we get wind of an Al Horford trade, and it reminds me of the time when the Heat first called up Hassan Whiteside wh
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