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  1. Harden is a clear drop. Will not return for the regular season and is done for the fantasy playoffs. Bruce Brown is a must add and Shamet is looking like a viable stream. Kyrie, Joe and KD owners are looking like the winners here. -Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
  2. Exactly, they sucked so badly that Lavine probably ended up banging a 6 instead of his usual 9 and ended up getting Covid-19 during their 5 game losing streak in Minnesota. Lavine was doing just fine before Vuc starting vuccing everything up.
  3. god like predictions. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. > Shams Narnia
  4. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D... Honestly 1,000,000 times better than Shams. Worst case scenario panned out and it's looking like he's out 5-6 weeks. It's confirmed that Harden will miss the rest of the regular season. He could only carry so many fantasy teams until his hamstrings finally gave out... Cheers to the bearded one 🤠
  5. I made the playoffs in 12 out of 14 250-500$ money leagues and missed in 1 because I ended up tying an Embiid owner for 6th place and losing the tiebreaker to him literally by 1 block and .01 % in FG% and FT%. I also have him in 3 other leagues so yea I'm pissed the Bulls traded for a ball hog in Vucevic which made the team worse and ultimately had the butterfly effect of giving him Covid-19. I'm sure most of you won't even make it to the Championship round not knowing how badly he carried your teams. Lavine and the Bulls were much better without that dumbass, unnecessary money wasting trade.
  6. Vucevic trade really ****** up the Bulls and made them worse. I blame that for messing up Lavine's groove and I'm not surprised if he purposely contracted COVID-19 or this is just a fake diagnosis to tank and shut him down for the rest of the season. Either way I'm sure he ****** up a lot of teams this week trying to make the playoffs.
  7. I'm sure Harden realized it ain't worth it after he tried to rush back and his hamstring gave out. Plus he already has one, and after the crazy amount of injuries lately there's almost no chance he gets back before May. It looks like MVP is already a lock for Jokic, and Lillard, Embiid, Giannis, Doncic are all ahead of him at this point. Nash just addressed after last game that "Nets may not get any games with whole roster," meaning that they are choosing Harden's health over chemistry.
  8. Looks like every team is starting to rest their stars for the playoffs. After injuries to so many players, I don't see Harden coming back until the end of April/May at the earliest. Wouldn't even be surprised if the Nets rested him until the playoffs.
  9. Bradley Beal is so ******** injury prone. I feel sorry for Washington for wasting 130$ mill for such mediocrity
  10. Looks like Jarrett Allen is the first to aboard the Cavs tank/shutdown train.. Next up: Sexton, Garland, Love and Nance
  11. Harden will be back in 2-5 weeks. Hamstring injuries are tricky so sadly I think the Nets are going to go the safer route and use this as an excuse to rest him up for the playoffs. On the bright side, it shouldn't take as long to recover as KD's hamstring injury.
  12. lol nah brah that's the new norm. Long gone are the days of playing 82 games... it's like these players were sick of playing all 82, getting injured and never winning any rings. Also, they got soft af because these regular season games became so meaningless. One sprain or fall and they are suddenly out for weeks, when the old schoolers would be back next game. Something definitely needs to change or we are about to see a new level of Load management and tanking. It's like all of a sudden stars were getting "injured" right in the grueling months of winter. They'll all be magically healed when i
  13. I have faith Harden can make it back in 3 weeks, but it's not looking good so far. That would mark his earliest potential return around the second round of fantasy playoffs. Until then Harden owners are going to have to plan wisely to replace his production for at least the first few rounds of fantasy playoffs.
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