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  1. Hey man, is this money? I'd be interested in learning some more
  2. mvignola4@gmail.com sent you an email, I'm interested
  3. Send me an email, I'd definitely be interested in joining. mvignola4@gmail.com
  4. This is exactly what I'm looking for as well if anyone's making a league with these settings and looking for a couple owners.
  5. Would love to join if you still got a spot available! Would check everyday and make some trades. My email is mvignola4@gmail.com
  6. Forgot to mention looking for Categories league and want a league that's going to be around long-term
  7. Email is mvignola4@gmail.com if anyone looking for an owner with a league with similar settings as title and similar buy in cost.
  8. I've been looking through some of the posts here and couldn't find a league yet that fit what I'm looking for, hoping someone's got a league they're putting together and planning a startup draft for mlb, and minors, that's still looking for an active manager who will check everyday and be active in trade talks!
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