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  1. he's been so inconsistent but not bad for a free agent
  2. Man so happy I got this guy in a trade, he's killing it for me. wins me 3's and points every week
  3. Honestly this is getting annoying I have him in 2 of my leagues, homie is rocking me every week
  4. this annoying, dude literally just got back, why'd they bring him back and play him overtime last game. Got to get rid of him when he strings together a couple of games
  5. for your fg sake it might a good trade for you, lamelo has improved but still takes a toll on it. although shai has been slacking in ft this year. but should get back to his mean as the season progresses.
  6. I think it's going to be closer to 7-8 weeks than 10 weeks. Hopefully since he's still young his recovery is faster especially since he's still able to be do bike exercises and get the blood flowing to the leg. I just wish they would've done the surgery quick instead of wait 2 weeks.
  7. was standing at the 3 point line like a pylon waiting for someone to dish him the ball and on defense he's so flat footed. got taken out with 5 mins left in 4th q because wasn't doing much to help the team. continues to dig his own grave. But im sure he'll be fine by the end of the season, just completely lost at the moment I don't see how he gets full mins when the team is healthy at this rate.
  8. https://www.poundingtherock.com/2021/2/5/22268106/san-antonio-spurs-nba-best-lineup-worst-lineup-dejounte-murray-lamarcus-aldridge-demar-derozan spurs best lineup in the nba is: The Lineup: Dejounte Murray, Patty Mills, Devin Vassell, Rudy Gay, Jakob Poeltl The Numbers: Plus-28.9 net rating in 82 minutes
  9. this dude really can't score more than 8 points anymore, that number is cursed for him
  10. bro somoene get this dude off the court pleassseeee
  11. Everyone is saying he's their best overall player, especially josh. So hopefully it comes to fruition, this horrible fg% isn't helping.
  12. Honestly im happy they gave him a day off, hopefully I won't need him against my opponent. He's been going hard. And at least its just soreness and not strain (which would've been something to worry about). Most likely just a precautionary rest day. Hopefully he can continue his level of play throughout the season.
  13. Unimpressed by a guard getting 1.7 blocks a game lool? he hasn't had any time to really get his shot and feet under him. Should be starting rest of the season but he needs to get 30+ mins a night to be consistent which he should get.
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