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  1. definitely agree with you there he's probably the biggest risk/reward of the bunch I still lean on the reward side with him as long as its not an overpay situation.
  2. tough one, I'd prob stick with E. Jimenez though unless you need extra stolen base help, but even then Eloy is the better bet.
  3. Keeping the guys in blue for sure that leaves 3 spots. No need to worry about position lots of flex room. Batters G. Torres - $1 N. Hoerner $1 J. Soto $1 J. Soler $1 N. Cruz $29 B. Bichette $1 T. La Stella $1 J. Baez $7 V. Guerrero Jr. $25 Pitchers T. Bauer $1 D. Keuchel $7 Z. Plesac $1 M. Kopech $1
  4. whew,,, man some overstock on kershaw happening here. I woudn't put my chips on kershaw for a full season these days. Not number one on this list anyway for sure. Hard to decide, but Id still take max over jack.
  5. thats unreal, make that trade now, always win now if you can, the potential to win in the future will always be there with other player availability
  6. not knowing anything more really, and just off players I would do it, but I also think Bellinger is overrated and on a slide similar to K. Bryant.
  7. I wouldn't trade for the extra round gain, your losing more than your getting and the one round wont make up for that.
  8. No way, Bo all the way potential 5 category player
  9. personally I think Mountcastle will have a big year, and if you get to keep him past this year for a buck thats even better. Mancini over Santander
  10. Agree with above, not so sure Bellinger has the same price tag as he used to. Make the trade
  11. with most of the responses here, Bo, Castillo and Robert, take your remaining cash and put it into pitching that's guaranteed. Usually your batters will have more trade value than pitchers too unless they are top 10 pitchers.
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