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  1. anyone watch PJW ?? wtf happen this game? not in foul trouble and no injury to play less than 20mins?
  2. anyone still holding him? with murray out, surprisingly he get less time and not much usage
  3. i’m done with him i would rather add stewart, not going to wait nurk back to his full condition..
  4. how serious is his injury? Is it time to drop him, he already has time restriction before the jnjury, idk when he can be fully recover and play 28-30mins..
  5. any thoughts on NURK ros? Really doubt his stats can’t be the same as last year, becoz now portland has kanter roco, those who can get the reb and good production, the playing time only around 22-28min and the team’s tactics more focus on outside but not the paint 12/8/2/1/1 may be the foreseeable stats for the remain season🥲
  6. any chance that plumlee get trade before deadline? stewart really has a good upside, decent fg reb blk production and even 3 pt shot, he should start and get more mins in the rebuild team
  7. any thoughts about his ros, is he worth to add in 14team? last year avg28mins 9/3/5/1 in his starting lineup
  8. is it time to drop keldon? don’t know why pop give him not much time to play even to close the game, may be drop for kmj or mcdaniels?
  9. dlo is almost back, is there any trade rumours of rubio? he worth to start in the game😌
  10. any update about the injury and trade news about mit rob? should i drop adams for him?
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