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  1. 4 mangers needed to join. Its the ESPN fantasy. It’s a snake draft every year. It’s a great league. I just had to cut 4 people who didn’t participate. Would like 4 knowledgeable people to keep up with. My email is rogerrush36@icloud.com please joins guys. This will be super fun.
  2. I need 4 baseball mangers for an ESPN League. Need people that are knowledgeable and that will keep up with it. We have a draft. It’s not a keeper league. We have a snake draft ever year. It’s a very fun league. Please join. Email me at rogerrush36@icloud.com.
  3. It’s an ESPN league. Needed 4 owners. It will be a snake draft. We plan on doing that every year. It’s not a keeper league but I will keep it going.
  4. I need five great baseball minds to join my league. We draft every year and would like people to join that want to keep up with it. Draft is March 30 at 6:30 PM but will work if you can’t make it. Please email if you want to join. rogerrush36@icloud.com
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