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  1. I've been out of Fantasy Baseball for a couple years. Just took over a team for a co-worker. H2H, 5X5, 12 Man League. We're keeping 3 players. Not too much going on the team with SP, but I'll address that in the draft. I have Francisco Lindor, who I'm gonna keep for sure. Need help on two others to keep. Thanks in advance for your help! Rafael Devers Ozzie Albies Jose Abreu Eloy Jimenez Javier Baez
  2. I'd stick with Freeman and reach for another keeper within the next two seasons.
  3. I'd be just a little concerned about SP, but the rest looks good! Nice balance with speed and power.
  4. Devers can be scary bad sometimes. But he'll finish this year with 30/95-100.
  5. I'd definitely keep Springer.
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