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  1. Dropped him last week but see he is starting on Sunday. May need to add him back today before somebody streaming pitchers sorts by Probable tomorrow and snipes him.
  2. So the numbers on his last two starts look phenomenal. 20k in 13IP with 0.00 ERA and 0.54 Whip. 3 walks in 6 IP tonight, but 11k and 1 H. At this point, probably worth jumping on and seeing what happens I would think.
  3. Two pretty strong outings in a row. The player note on Yahoo says he made a mechanical adjustment before the positive results. Anyone have any insight? He has been good in his career when healthy.
  4. Didn't see a thread on him. Only 21 and looked pretty good in his first MLB start against the Dodgers. Lamet should be coming back soon so Weathers time in the rotation may be limited. Anything to see here?
  5. I don't see this being a problem, but this is my first time as commish doing a Yahoo draft (usually we do it offline) and i'm a bit of a worrier and I have a question. The league allows teams to choose either 4 or 5 keepers, and the teams that keep 4 get round 5 to themselves to start the draft, before going to the regular draft order for round 6. So right now in my Commish tools I have all the keepers picks set rounds 1-4, and then in round 5 I have the picks set for those teams that kept players, and then the other teams are at the end of round 5 with no pick entered. This should wo
  6. For this I actually do something a little extra to get a free roster spot for a few days. It works with SPs. If you know a SP is coming off the DL to start on say a Wednesday, you can put him into the lineup for Wednesday. Then go to Thursday's roster (before he is activated) and you can put him back on the DL for Thursday. So you get the start from them on Wednesday, and then a spot on your roster will be available for Thursday and you can add a streamer/RP with good ratios/hitter in a good situation for the rest of the week while the SP is back on the DL. Since that SP won't be doing anyt
  7. I can keep one of those two and think it's pretty close. Thoughts?
  8. I'm with everyone else saying Acuna
  9. Hayes. Pearson seems like one of those guys who is perpetually injured. Probably unfair to say so early, but it's been a lot of stuff so far.
  10. I would over Gausman just because the upside is so tantalizing. If it doesn't pan out, at least you took a swing.
  11. Unless it's really cheap I'd steer clear of Max because I think he ends up as less value than others. Bieber over Bauer but it depends on the price for both and how wide the gap is.
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