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  1. Simmons will not even dunk. Hard to win when you play offense 4 on 5. I think he gets traded to Raptors for Lowry in the offseason
  2. I hope for a great Phi -Atl game 7 today 😀
  3. Kevin Durant shoe size: 18. Size 16 or smaller and the Nets are in the ECF
  4. Durant is going to play 48 minutes again, 24 in the first half. Nets will win unless Giannis start guarding Durant. Coach Bud is .... (insert your words here)
  5. GianAnus, Utah JAss, Flippers...name calling in full force. Looks like we have a lot of 11 years old here. I still wish we can see LA Clippers vs LA Fakers series next year to settle who is the the best LA team
  6. We are talking about playoff performances and if Curry is such a great player (he is) he should be able to carry his team and win. Curry had former #1 pick Wiggins and Draymond (self proclaimed NBA's best defender ever ) with him. You need better supporting cast to win a game in JJJ played 15 min and Jonas fouled out in 26 minutes? Morant had supporting cast of Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks. Put Kawhi on that team and Memphis loses by 20
  7. Curry could not get GSW to win against Memphis. KD could never win as the main guy on the team. Let's see how it goes in game 7. LBJ has lost too many finals to be considered better playoff performer than Kawhi. Assuming health, if you can pick one player for a must win playoff game today who would you like on your team? I will go with Kawhi and his brilliance on both ends. Game 6 against Dallas was a individual performance to remember
  8. Kawhi also won against prime LBJ, just saying In the postesason, Kawhi is much better than Curry. Numbers and eye test confirm that. If you remember dirty play from Zaza you should also remember that Kawhi and Spurs were up by 20 against Curry
  9. Injuries in the playoffs suck big time. I still want to see Lakers - Clippers series with everyone healthy
  10. " If AD and Bron were healthy..." This is a very big IF considering LBJ age and AD injury history. Lakers won the title in the bubble with a very long time off before the bubble. In the normal season there isn't long break between regular season and playoffs. Green was 3 and D player under contract that was traded for Schroder and 2020 first round pick. Dwight wanted to come back. Lakers don't have many options to improve, best case scenario is to run it back next year https://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2021/6/9/22525138/los-angeles-lakers-free-nba-agency-previe
  11. Yes sir! It will not happen again!
  12. Some interesting posts in the thread above. Consensus from Lakers fans seems to be that the team is stacked with talent and experience. Cudos to RedRaider, it was right to notice that Lakers need a defensive big.
  13. Long offseason will help aging LBJ for sure, but it will not change the fact that he is 36 year old with lots of mileage. He is 6th in minutes played in regular season (50,055) and first in playoffs minutes (11,035). He takes good care of his body but that is lots of wear and tear. We will see how LBJ looks next season but I am not too optimistic. On the side note, Clippers came back for 0-2 and won two elimination games. They are looking really, really good. Jazz - Clippers will be an awesome series
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