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  1. Eliminated in first round probably. If you don't have an IR spot in your league.
  2. Just dropped him. He returns in 2 weeks, my playoffs start next week too. I can't see the finals without him. Season ended 😕
  3. I'm thinking of dropping McDermott to grab him before someone else does 😕
  4. Gallo is injury prone, if you can't risk it, Bogdanovic is better IMO
  5. Which one should be owned in 11 cat 16 team league? Added McDermott for FG, but Gary Trent Jr also adds steals from time to time. Any suggestions?
  6. PJ all the way. And don't consider him as a drop candidate. I wish I had him on my team....
  7. It's sad how less they acquired for Harden while the likes of Jrue Holiday is worth worlds.
  8. Heard that Rox GM didn't want to send Harden to his ex-GM in Philly. They would get Ben Simmons from them.
  9. Decrease points average to 17-18 with good percentages, and it will be amazing.
  10. He is good, can provide value but his coach sucks. Guy still doesn't know what to do with those players.
  11. Tried to trade him a lot in last 3 weeks. Nobody wanted him. Hopefully he will go to a team that WILL play him on back to backs.
  12. Last year he was 20-10 player so I took him at 5th round. Now he is 2nd round value at least. He is better than some 1st rounders.
  13. He started really good actually, but just like Batum, his production level decreased on last 1-2 months... 😕
  14. Not playing for 5 games not, is he a drop candidate? His production was decreased a little bit before this injury also
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