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  1. Hope he picks it up. Because most of that pace came from about 3 games 2.5 weeks ago. Which matters in my format.
  2. The more I play this game, the more I realize I only really dig it for draft day.
  3. He's retreated faster than a Frenchman to the Marne.
  4. I can't believe I'm going to say this, going to have to bench this guy for a bit. 1 hit since he struck out against Rizzo last wednesday. Striking out a ton. Really disappointing start to this year..
  5. Rant; Lack of injuries. I have so many guys coming off the DL I have no idea who to cut! I'm flush with talent and nowhere to put them! Can't cut Ryu! Anyone else? Joking of course, this year blows..
  6. I play in a K/BB league. So i have one rule for my relievers, not to walk people. A starter under three is bad enough, a reliever under three is not playable. He just doesn't have it right now, even in the outing against the Dodgers he was flirting with a lot of 3 ball counts. He needs to be much more efficient with his pitches. Also, something is in the water with that bullpen, everyone in the Reds pen turns into a total dumpster fire once they get anointed closer. And the track record just isn't there to hold. I'll take my chance with Whitlock, the guy for whom I dumped him
  7. Way too many walks from a reliever. Sorry guys, I know he's everyone's favorite, but I'm just not that into him. To the scrap heap he goes...
  8. My team is 0/21 ane that f'n loser Antone just cost my team 2 categories.
  9. I can't remember a less fun start to the season. My opponent and I are "battling" it out on a.Sunday over who can top the mendoza line for the win. No hyperbole, we are hovering around .200. Meanwhile we are setting pitching records. Typical day: Checks lineup at 6:15pm: Cool, i'm 2/5, off to a decent start. Maybe today will be the day my lineup hits over .250. Checks back an hour later: I'm now 2/17 with 8 strikeouts, maybe, if I'm lucky I got 1 run or RBI. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. But for today... starting off 0/12, 5ks, 1 RBI. **** everything.
  10. Been really streaky this year. Hasn't done a F'n thing since his oh so hilarious strikeout against Rizzo. And by streaky I mean, every 3rd game or so he has a good one.
  11. Another day full of offense I see. Man I miss the steroid era.
  12. This vent is about Fangraphs. However, if you don't subscribe to one of the two pay options, then I believe you have no beef. However, as a paid subscriber, what the F' is going on?! The content has dried up, specifically on Rotographs. The chats are infrequent and seemingly not on any schedule. When they are on the chat hosts seem bored and disengaged. One guy talks about his cats and answers "it's early" more than he gives actually baseball analysis. No more DFS analysis, some days no Roto roundup. Rankings are infrequent. Bottom line, the quality and content volume has drastically fa
  13. Bukauskas, that's the end of him. Turdtastic outing.
  14. I'm guessing that dog's handled more punts than Devin Hester.
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