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  1. I'm in a 14-team league & we start 5 OF & 1 UT instead of 4 OF & 2 UT like your league. That said, Kiermaier & Rojas are on the waiver wire in my league. The first thing I'd do is drop them & see if you can add a couple of guys to stash whether they are potential mid-season call-ups or just guys on the DL who are coming back in the 2nd half. Other than that stand pat, you have your 1st round pick (Yelich) as well as Segura coming back which should provide a much needed boost. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  2. 14-Team Mixed Redraft 7x7 Roto League (No Keepers). The extra categories are obp, total bases, holds & quality starts. Suarez would be an upgrade over my least valuable player out of Paul DeJong, Gavin Lux & Maikel Franco. I know that Flaherty is worth more than Suarez pre-draft & currently but it seems this year with the new ball that finding decent pitching to stream is easier than ever. I already traded Ryu for Rizzo & if I traded Flaherty as well then my rotation would be Ian Anderson, Julio Urias, Freddy Peralta, Michael Kopech & Jesus Luzardo. I think tha
  3. It's close because of how I personally feel about the players involved. They are currently ranked Bieber, Buehler, Machado, Judge, Springer & Gurriel Jr. So would you rather have the 1-4-6 or the 2-3-5? In the first group you have the best guy in the deal & in the second group you have the better overall players. If Springer wasn't injured & killing it from the start then this wouldn't even be a conversation. However, I'm extremely high on Bieber & extremely low on Gurriel Jr. but considering Judge is a bit injury prone I would say that the 2nd group is better. Thanks f
  4. In a H2H league I would want no part of Soler. He's actually on the waiver wire in my friend's H2H league. Considering I'm in a roto league it doesn't really matter how many miserable weeks Soler has as long as he finishes the season with 30hr or more. That said, does that change your thinking & do you think Luzardo finishes sub 4.00era & sub 1.30whip?
  5. Luzardo has been equally awful. I see you have Soler on your team. Are you speaking out of frustration or do you value Luzardo more than you value Soler?
  6. Hey Fantasy Baseball Fans!! Considering the fact that OF is so thin this year & I'm in a 5 OF league I'm trying to make a sneaky move. I'm not sure if the other fantasy team owner is aware but Jorge Soler (currently DH only) needs only 4 more games in the OF to gain OF eligibility & his next 2 games are in an NL park. Is he a decent bet to pop 30hr this year or was his 48hr season a fake breakout/one-hit wonder like Oliver Perez was in 2004? I already traded Ryu for Rizzo but feel that my rotation wouldn't be affected by losing one of my bottom 2 worst performing SP's (Luza
  7. Before you pull the trigger on that 1 for 1 deal I would gauge their interest in your players like Stephenson, Wendle, Davis, Wong, Diaz, Tapia, Happ, Calhoun & Kiriloff. If a few of those 9 players intrigue them you can offer them a package of 2-3 of those players for just Gallen. It might sound like you are giving up a lot at first but if you are be able to get an ace like pitcher while keeping your top 8 hitters in tact it's a huge win for you. You have to be a good salesman when pulling off a 2 or 3 for 1 because sometimes it appears to the other owner as if you're trying to offload
  8. Hello all!! I'm in a 14-team mixed 7x7 redraft roto league (no keepers) & need help placing a fair value on 2 of my players. I drafted Chris Sale & Luis Severino back to back with my wraparound picks in rounds 17-18 which were the 238th & 239th overall picks out of my 26 round/364 player draft. Considering the fact that I already lost about a dozen players to injury this year I'm looking to clear some roster space as we are capped to 8 DL spots. I know that when players returns from TJ surgery there are risks involved whether it be setbacks, innings limits or just subpar
  9. Weathers all day. I just picked him up in my league. I was surprised he made it to me with the 3rd waiver pick. I felt that his upside alone exceeds the $5 roster transaction I have to pay. Heaney will pitch gems but will also get absolutely demolished in some of his starts. I don't see him finishing lower than 4.00era/1.30whip considering he has 4.44era/1.24whip career numbers. Alex Wood hasn't been good since 2018 & this seems to be nothing more than a hot start. Yarbrough has a good career whip but I stay away from Rays pitchers not named Glasnow & for obvious reasons. It's
  10. Sometimes people say they can't see my signature with my roster listed. I haven't made it private or anything. Can anyone help me fix it so it appears?
  11. I would easily go with Conforto & Luzardo. Blackmon will be 35 years old on July 1st & even with his monster 2017 season where he put up career highs all across the board he's still only a .302ba/26hr/80rbi/19sb for his career. While those are great numbers for fantasy, there's a good chance he doesn't reach those numbers this season for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that he's 35 & on the decline. The second reason being that his lineup isn't nearly as good as it used to be. During the last normal season in 2019 not only was he 2 years younger but he had Ian Desm
  12. I'm in a deep 14-team mixed redraft 7x7 roto league (no keepers) with obp, total bases, holds & quality starts as the extra categories. I Give (2B) Ozzie Albies (ATL) (SP) Jack Flaherty (STL) I Get (SS) Fernando Tatis Jr. (SDP) My choice of 1 (OF) out of Aaron Hicks, Bryan Reynolds & Cedric Mullins Do I accept this offer? If yes, which OF should I ask for back? Thanks in advance & WHIR 100%!!
  13. I would definitely do this trade if I were you. Tim Anderson would be your best SS even when your team is 100% healthy while Musgrove is arguably your 4th best SP. There's a reason why Anderson gets drafted in rounds 3-4 while Musgrove goes in rounds 5-6. FWIW, I never been a big fan of either player no matter how well they play & never had either on my fantasy team. Ironically I'm trying to trade for middle infielder that contributes in almost all 7 categories & it's safe to say that Anderson fits that profile. This could be Musgrove's break out season but this is the 3rd year in
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