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  1. Team A get Gerrit Cole Team B get Nolan Arenado and Trevor Rosenthal Which team get the better trade?
  2. All pretty good, look at the stats, feel your instant, you will be fine. Good Luck.
  3. I think Outfielders need more work. Somewhat on Relief Pitchers to strengthen your team. Good Luck!
  4. Don't even think a minute about it. KEEP BO BICHETTE HAND DOWN.....have fun and good luck.
  5. Well Balanced and potentially to be the playoff contender. Good Luck
  6. This is your first time. Don't worry, You will have fun in fantasy baseball. Once you have the experience, you will improves a lot next year. It exactly what happen to me many year ago. Good Luck. By the way, it a fine team, nicely done on the outfielders slot.
  7. It a fine roster, however if you are not winning yet, must look for a potential trade to boost your roster.
  8. I believe that this trade is kind of mixed reviews. This trade does not add up at all.
  9. I like Bryant , Ozuna and Rosario over these players. Good Luck!
  10. Go ahead Add Solak, he have possible potential this year. Good Luck.
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