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  1. Standard league. I know the pre-season ranks of course, but things have changed. Any hesitation based on Jrue's injury, his reduced role with Ingram's emergence, etc? Thanks!
  2. I saw this post and joined with good intentions. Did not realize it was an auction draft. I am unable to do it at the posted time - I apologize. Please remove me from the league. team name is "Justin's Team" Looks like there are others looking to join, so hopefully they will take the spot. Sorry again
  3. Yes - I still hesitated because Davis is THAT good, but this situation is no fun.
  4. Glad I sold for George as he played the B2B games this weekend, if for nothing else my sanity avoiding the circus.
  5. I sold for George. Points league, so a bit different situation.
  6. Obviously I could be wrong, but considering what he was worth in the market a couple of days ago, this could be a sell point... if you can get a top ~10-15 or so player... at least in points leagues.
  7. like it a lot. good buy low. help?
  8. Tough one. I'd side to the Whiteside side until the recent news on his knee. If you're a gambler, I like the side you already have if everyone is healthy. To be safer, the Cousins/Lillard side.
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