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  1. From 2019 - 2021 Batting Average - Devers - .294 / Rendon - .308 OPS - Devers - .885 / Rendon .971 OPS+ - Devers - 129 / Rendon - 153 fWAR - Devers - 7.7 / Rendon 9.7
  2. Hmm...Rendon's career stats are better than Devers'. Look, I'm not knocking Devers, in fact I'm a fan. I happen to believe that this is a great trade offer for the OP, and I would jump on it. You're welcome to your own opinion, that's what this forum is for....opinions.
  3. Fair enough. But the numbers speak for themselves, and based on that he definitely is better, whether you are sold or not. But we all can have our opinions, that's what makes it fun.
  4. That's ridiculously unfair. Prior to the groin injury, Rendon has missed a grand total of 24 games in 8 years due to injury.
  5. Yep, that seems like a sound strategy. There should be no shortage of buyers, so I'm sure you'll maximize your value in the trade. Maybe Bohm + prospect?? Good luck.
  6. I would have to pull the trigger on this one. A healthy Rendon > Devers, and Urias > Kimbrel already and I don't trust Kimbrel at all to maintain his numbers. I know there's the concern over the recent health issues for Rendon, but this most recent injury was fluky, hit a foul ball off his knee. It was just a bruised knee, MRI & x-rays negative. And prior to the groin injury, he really hasn't had a bad injury history. This trade is a big win for you.
  7. If you knew that the Mets would re-sign Thor, then no way you make this trade. But you don't know that, so it's really up to you to weigh the risk. Personally, I would not do it because I actually do believe that the Mets won't let him get away. And O'Neill is still developing and a hell of an athlete, he might end up being just another high-strikeout power hitter, but he could also be a very nice power speed combo. I think he will get better, but it remains to be seen just how much better. But I don't want to be the one to cause you to hold onto Thor, and then he goes away to the AL. On
  8. Vaughn if your goal is to win your league. Candelario if you just want to compete.
  9. Without the position flexibility factor, I would choose Yordan without blinking. I probably would probably land on him either way, especially in a keeper league.
  10. Yeah, Musgrove. Way too many question marks surrounding Paddack, and they will limit his innings even if/when he pitches at expected levels..
  11. Dynasty? If not, I would not drop Heaney for Gallen. Check your league settings but you need to take a hard look at projected IP for ROS. In my league where I have Heaney (which is a points league), he is projected to out-produce Gallen ROS by a significant margin. And that is before Gallen's latest injury, which we do not know when he will return from. Heaney's surface stats are not the prettiest, but his strikeout rate is superb and he will get you the IP's and the fantasy production you're looking for. As far as Valdez, that depends on your palate for risk. He'll have a couple of start
  12. I would do it, because I'm one of the few remaining who believe that Castillo will bounce back. He's had slow starts before, and it's been said that he is a warm weather pitcher. But he hasn't ever been THIS bad, so there is some concern. I don't know how many of those SP's you have listed actually have to start, but if you can comfortably bench Castillo until he rebounds, even better.
  13. I agree with this. That trade would be selling high, but leaving a lot on the table and not maximizing the opportunity. Shop him, there are owners that will give more than Rodon. And I can assure you that the other owner believes that it is he who is selling high (on Semien), and he's probably right.
  14. Not taking in consideration your roster or position needs, if it's a points league, based on ROS projections Team B wins this trade...even without Blackmon.
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